Saturday, April 27, 2013

Alpha Hydroxy Acids at

We all want to look young. We always have this thought as we aged and the more we aged, the more we are pressured to keep the youthful glow. More often, it is the women who are always having this thought. I admit I do think of ways to stay physically youthful. I want to stay young and beautiful to satisfy myself whenever I look in the mirror or well, to keep my man by my side though it is not all the time a good assurance. I admit that one of my fears is to become old and wrinkled but I know it is a situation that can't be helped. Sooner or later, I'll get to that stage but since I can still do something for my skin to look young for now, or younger than my age, I would do all means.
For years now, I am maintaining a few brands of beauty products for my face and skin and for my hair. So far, I am satisfied with the result of the beauty products I have been using. A few weeks back, I was advised to try alpha hydroxy acids at Alpha Hydroxy Acids has all the beauty regimens you need for you face and skin to look the youngest and fairest. It has facial creams, acne gels, peel system and cleansers that fight acne and aging. From what I heard, Alpha Hydroxy Acids products have been proven and tested effective by its satisfied customers. I badly want to try all of their products, especially the newest they introduced, the Akta Hydroxy anti-aging blemish cream.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Quickly Recovering

This is just a short note reporting my youngest sister's condition. We are all thankful that she is recovering fast. Although she still needs the support of the crutches to walk, we are happy that she can now bend her knees with less pain and can take a bath on her own. She is even taking a summer class this summer. She is attending a P.E. subject, which she failed last semester due to schedule conflict. She is hoping to catch up and be able to attend OJT this upcoming semester. Even with her walking staffs and in cast, she still looks great eh? We are hoping for her to be crutches-free soon.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Just Glamorous!

Who would have thought that these two beauties would be dis-beautified after a few days of their gala night in school? Accidents really happen in a time when you least expect it. Although these two are now recovering fast, thank God, what happened to them should serve as a lesson to all young adults out there who are away from home, wherein no parents can give advice. It should strictly be "no drunk-driving" to you guys. Going out with friends is fine as long as you are keeping track on how much glasses of liquor you drink. Keep it moderate.

Anyway, the photo above is taken at their gala night prior to their accident. Don't they look glamorous in their gown? Anna, my sister's friend chose a very daring down to sport night while Cheep stick with her favorite color and chose a pink layered balloon gown. Both of them look glamorous in chosen gown and the way they carry it. I as well like my sister's choice of accessories to pair her gown with. But I kinda' don't like their make-up.