Thursday, March 28, 2013

Warrior Wraps - Handmade Necklaces

We women love adding blings or in short, we love accessorizing. Accessories oftentimes are included in our every get-up. It is a completion to our every ensemble. It may be fashion jewelries or handmade accessories, designer bags or shoes or classic belts, we always have a way to pair it with anything in our wardrobe. We may either go monochromatic or go for a mix and match outfit, accessories are always there to either complete or compliment. We just let our creativity flows when it comes to dressing up and accessories are big helpers to enhance our look.
I for most part am a lover of handmade accessories. I just love wearing them thinking they were made manually, with utmost care, whether an accessory is detailed or not, by the hands of creative designers. The fact that the accessories are made by hands and not by machines makes them more meaningful. Wearing such accessories is like giving credits to the hard work of the creators. I always appreciate handmade accessories and so as those who work hard to create them.


Having an eye for handmade accessories, these handmade necklaces in the pictures above weren’t able to miss my sight. They are called warrior wraps. Have you heard or seen or worn one before? It was my first time seeing such handmade necklaces and it was only through the internet. They are made with real creative materials like dyed silk adorned with real aspen leaf (shown in the picture) dipped in copper and other rare adornments like river stones and natural Tourmalinated Quartz beads. I haven’t heard of these stones before so I am kind of wowed by these handmade accessories, not to mention the uniqueness of the designs. I am sure you too find these necklaces unique. Isn’t a dyed silk a unique material for a necklace chain? Do want to try matching it to your outfit? If you are eager then come check it out.

Sister's Bike Accident

The most fragile, well-cared sister, the youngest one (Cheep) just had a taste of a bike accident. We were shocked upon knowing it. We didn't know about the accident until late evening of Saturday. The news was delivered by our very close friend Pabz personally. We are thankful to him for still being a loyal and caring friend to me and the family.

Cheep and her friend Anna, owner of the bike and the one driving were confined in their school's hospital for four days due to serious injuries. Her friend got serious bruises on the face, arm, knee and chest while my sister got the minor bruises but got her knee bone dislocated. My sister is still in cast and still under observation. Her doctor said she'll be in cast for three weeks. We hope and pray that there will be no any surgeries needed to her knees.

The accident happened early morning on Saturday. They were from a Friday night-out party and on their way back to their apartment, their bike run into another bike. The other party was said to be at fault for not giving a signal when they turned the other way. Claimed at fault, the other party took care half of the hospital bills. I hope both of them will have a fast recovery because school time is just a few months away. 

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Colorful Ego T Sticks

Smoking, without a doubt is not safe, however, there is a way to lessen the damage of smoking to our health.

I personally can tell how hard it is to quit smoking. I am a smoker myself. I started at seventeen years old and now that I am twenty six, I am striving hard to quit. There is no easier and faster way once you are addicted to the taste of nicotine in your throat down your lungs. I was able to quit for about one month but the withdrawal was such a pain. After a month, there I was again back in the habit. There were countless of times I swore to stop but I always end up craving for it. It is just hard to get away though others, the non-smoker ones, may not understand even with all the present and proven side effects.
So since many, including myself, find it so hard to quit this habit, why don't we go for the lesser damage by opting to e-cigarettes like ego t? I consider this option but the availability of e-cigs here is our place is the problem. I never heard nor seen a store that sells one. One thing to obtain e-cigs for sure is by buying it online. I would definitely get the colorful ego t sticks.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Pen and Book Marker from LookChem

Arent't these pretty? I thank LookChem for sending me this as compensation to the link they put in this blog. Big thanks! I didn't expect to receive it really but but hey, they did send promptly. I talk to them like two to three weeks ago and the other day, i got my gift. They let me chose from the sets of gifts. All were nice but I chose this porcelain pen and book marker that comes with a beautiful box.

I love it! Thanks LookChem!