The Gwiyomi Craze

After "Gangnam Style", everyone is again crazy with another K-pop and this time it is "The Gwiyomi Song" by a South Korean Singer Hari. The song was released on February 18 and it became the newest k-pop craze. The craze of course has reached the Philippines and almost everybody here now, celebrity or not are making their own version of "The Gwiyomi Song". Gwiyomi is a Korean slang for "cutie" and the song "The Gwiyomi Song" is inspired by the cute gestures of South Korean rapper Jung Illhoon. It is the cute gesture particularly the hand movements in the song made it popular.

My youngest sister of course knows the song and she even made her own version of the gwiyomi song with her friends. I do not have the video but I saw it on facebook. They were gwiyomi, of course. Since I don't have the video and can't share it here, let me just share my lovely youngest baby sister's Gwiyomi look with her current best friend Anna. If you still remember, my youngest sister and Anna just had motor bike accident. Anna is very well now while my sister is still receiving treatment for her fractured leg. She is still walking with crutches but we are thankful she is recovering fast.

Anyway, let's forget about her fractured leg for now...check out how Gwiyomi she is in the photos below.

My sister of course is the one in pink. Aren't they both "Gwiyomi"? Now I want to risk a "gwiyomi" hairstyle.  It will be a big risk for the last time I had a bangs  I ended up looking like a monkey.


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