Cheer Leading,The Teen-age Dream

To become a cheer leader is every teen-age girl's dream. I wouldn't exempt myself from those teenagers who were dreaming to be in a cheer-leading squad back in grade school to high school but as much as I wanted to, we do not have it back then. The only time cheering or cheer dancing can happen in school, even until now, is only during cheer-leading competition and that happens only once a year. Unless of course, when you are in a national cheer leading squad cheering for a national basketball team.
Cheer dancing requires physical flexibility just like Gymnastics. I was chosen as one of the gymnasts to compete to other school in fifth grade and after joining a cheering competition in high school, I realize that most of the Gymnastics moves were used in cheer dancing too like the different forms of split, aerial and handspring. Cheer dancing though is a lot more fun for you perform with your co-cheerers, unlike Gymnastics wherein you’ll perform alone, can be boring. Plus, the cheerleading uniforms are way cuter and livelier making a cheerleader looks so sassy and cute and pretty, getting all the attention from all the cute boys in school. Isn’t that cool?

One thing I like the most about cheer leading though is that it requires physical flexibility. Therefore, being in a cheering squad would keep you physically fit. Speaking of physical flexibility, it is something I don’t have right now. I can no longer do a split even. I am just glad to see my youngest sister getting active in cheerleading being one of the cheerleaders in their school. Hopefully though, my sister’s leg will get back to normal once the classes begin so she can continue with cheer dancing because right now, her leg really is an issue. She was not even allowed to enroll to a summer class for Physical Education this summer due to her leg. So I do hope she’ll get better soon and continue to cheer on.


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