Warrior Wraps - Handmade Necklaces

We women love adding blings or in short, we love accessorizing. Accessories oftentimes are included in our every get-up. It is a completion to our every ensemble. It may be fashion jewelries or handmade accessories, designer bags or shoes or classic belts, we always have a way to pair it with anything in our wardrobe. We may either go monochromatic or go for a mix and match outfit, accessories are always there to either complete or compliment. We just let our creativity flows when it comes to dressing up and accessories are big helpers to enhance our look.
I for most part am a lover of handmade accessories. I just love wearing them thinking they were made manually, with utmost care, whether an accessory is detailed or not, by the hands of creative designers. The fact that the accessories are made by hands and not by machines makes them more meaningful. Wearing such accessories is like giving credits to the hard work of the creators. I always appreciate handmade accessories and so as those who work hard to create them.


Having an eye for handmade accessories, these handmade necklaces in the pictures above weren’t able to miss my sight. They are called warrior wraps. Have you heard or seen or worn one before? It was my first time seeing such handmade necklaces and it was only through the internet. They are made with real creative materials like dyed silk adorned with real aspen leaf (shown in the picture) dipped in copper and other rare adornments like river stones and natural Tourmalinated Quartz beads. I haven’t heard of these stones before so I am kind of wowed by these handmade accessories, not to mention the uniqueness of the designs. I am sure you too find these necklaces unique. Isn’t a dyed silk a unique material for a necklace chain? Do want to try matching it to your outfit? If you are eager then come check it out.


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