Sister's Bike Accident

The most fragile, well-cared sister, the youngest one (Cheep) just had a taste of a bike accident. We were shocked upon knowing it. We didn't know about the accident until late evening of Saturday. The news was delivered by our very close friend Pabz personally. We are thankful to him for still being a loyal and caring friend to me and the family.

Cheep and her friend Anna, owner of the bike and the one driving were confined in their school's hospital for four days due to serious injuries. Her friend got serious bruises on the face, arm, knee and chest while my sister got the minor bruises but got her knee bone dislocated. My sister is still in cast and still under observation. Her doctor said she'll be in cast for three weeks. We hope and pray that there will be no any surgeries needed to her knees.

The accident happened early morning on Saturday. They were from a Friday night-out party and on their way back to their apartment, their bike run into another bike. The other party was said to be at fault for not giving a signal when they turned the other way. Claimed at fault, the other party took care half of the hospital bills. I hope both of them will have a fast recovery because school time is just a few months away. 


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