Colorful Ego T Sticks

Smoking, without a doubt is not safe, however, there is a way to lessen the damage of smoking to our health.

I personally can tell how hard it is to quit smoking. I am a smoker myself. I started at seventeen years old and now that I am twenty six, I am striving hard to quit. There is no easier and faster way once you are addicted to the taste of nicotine in your throat down your lungs. I was able to quit for about one month but the withdrawal was such a pain. After a month, there I was again back in the habit. There were countless of times I swore to stop but I always end up craving for it. It is just hard to get away though others, the non-smoker ones, may not understand even with all the present and proven side effects.
So since many, including myself, find it so hard to quit this habit, why don't we go for the lesser damage by opting to e-cigarettes like ego t? I consider this option but the availability of e-cigs here is our place is the problem. I never heard nor seen a store that sells one. One thing to obtain e-cigs for sure is by buying it online. I would definitely get the colorful ego t sticks.


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