Dr Susan Lim Honoured at the Singapore Graduation Ceremony

In 2007, the Faculty of the University of Newcastle, presented to Dr Susan Lim, at a graduation ceremony in Singapore, an honorary degree, Honorary Doctor of the University of Newcastle, Australia. Dr Lim was the first surgeon to perform a successful cadaveric liver transplant in Singapore and in Asia. Dr Lim, a general surgeon with a special interest in transplantation and cancers provided urgent medical care to two Australians from Newcastle following the second Bali bombings in October 2005. For this work, Dr Susan Lim received mention in the Australian Parliament Official Hansard.

At the Graduation and Award Ceremony in Singapore, Dr Susan Lim delivered the Occasional Address to more than 250 graduates of the University of Newcastle who were presented with their degrees. The Chancellor of the University of Newcastle, Professor Trevor Waring conferred doctorates, masters degrees, graduate certificates and diplomas, and bachelor degrees.

Acting Vice-Chancellor, Professor Barney Glover said, "This is the fifth consecutive year in which the University has held a graduation ceremony in Singapore, and at which Dr Susan Lim was honoured".

In 2011, in the presence of the Minister of Health Khaw Boon Wan of Singapore, Dr Susan Lim was honoured as one of 100 distinguished women globally to be featured in the 100 Women book project at the Alumni's Annual dinner event. It was also the first year that the new vice-chancellor Professor Caroline McMillen presided over this function, following her appointment in October 2011.


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