Saturday, December 29, 2012

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cheem And Her Bike

Cheem was the second Santa Claus on the eve of December 24, this year. She arrived with Budoy right before 12 midnight with more gifts for the kids. We didn't really feel the joy of Christmas though because by 12 midnight, the world was asleep. The street was empty, and the silence was deafening. It was because the tradition here in this part of the world where we are is changed. The Catholic church who is a strong believer of the tradition changed it. So instead of welcome the savior's birth at 12 midnight, it happened at nine in the evening after the mass. Just funny. It was Christmas no more. So yes, next Christmas we are not gonna celebrate it.

Anyway, I have nothing sense-ful to share today so let me just share Cheem and her bike. This is how Cheem's bike looks like right now. She is still having the Angry Birds' fever. 23 - her and her ex's monthsary date. It seems like the ex still have a spot in her heart. Lol! Can't get over?

Previously, this is how her bike looks like. There was that big 69 in the front. She scratched it off later for a reason people are raising eyebrows on it.

I would like to thank her for the Christmas/Birthday gifts she got for me. I received a jumpsuit and a cool sleeveless top from her.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Mobile Casino

I just learned today that you can play casino games on your mobile phones. Wow! Just how online casino gaming had rapidly progressed. From the computer version, now there is a mobile casino, a version for mobile phones for an easy and convenient play. You may be sitting or lying down on your bed while you are playing. This thing sure had brought smiles to the many casino gamers from anywhere in the world. To be able to play, of course, the mobile phone has to have an internet connection, or it should can connect to Internet to be able to connect to the casino gaming websites. Check out for a list of best mobile casinos. If you are a new mobile casino gamer and you want to start playing now, you might want to check no deposit mobile casinos and might as well register to take advantage of the 'new mobile casino players' no-deposit bonus, wherein a player can play casino games without making a cash deposit. New mobile casino players out there might want to give it a try. 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The First Santa Claus Arrives with The Gifts

Cheep is first the Santa Claus this Christmas. She is the first to wrap the gifts for the kids this year. She arrived today with half of the gifts already wrapped and ready to be placed under our little Christmas tree. These gifts will be given out to the kids on the Christmas eve.

We'll see who the other Santa Clause this year will be. I heard Cheem has half of the gifts to wrap. She is still in Dipolog City right now. She'll surely be arriving tomorrow with more gifts for the kids.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Westfield TMJ dentist

Growing up in a family with a store, we sisters had full access on candies and chocolates. We grew up surrounded with all the sweets and candies to our indulgence. I remember, there were times when we joined forces to pick some coins off the drawer to buy chocolates in the market when our store is out. There were as well times when we sleep with melting candies in the mouth, which was truly a very bad habit. We are ripping the bad fruit of that bad deed now.

While we were busy ruining our teeth, our parents were more focused on feeding us than taking us to the dentist for dental check-up. So we were really not given dental care then and when toothache attacked, we'll just endure it. But I would say all the faults about us having no perfect teeth and suffering toothache from time to time don't fall on them. We have our share of faults too...more share.

Dental care is one thing we shouldn't deprive ourselves from. I envied those kids nowadays who are given regular dental check-up. Kudos to the parents for being more attentive to their kids' dental health by taking their kids regularly to Westfield TMJ dentist or to other good dentists near them. I believe that delicious foods taste more delicious when the teeth are strong and healthy. I knew that kind of taste when I was twelve; during those days when teeth were strong and healthy. Well now, not anymore.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Cheem and Cheep's Puppies: Mocco and Mucho

It is good to have my much-needed sleep and rest today. I slept today for more than ten hours. How nice! From the two days of insomnia, I know ten hours of sleep is not enough but it is much better than to not be able to sleep at all.

Cheem and Cheep's voices woke me up today afternoon around 5p.m. I particularly woke up with them trying to get the puppies off Chizka but they were scared they might be bitten by the mother. They didn't know Chizka is ever friendly and sharing. I thought at fist I was just dreaming for I was informed by Cheem through a text message that they'll be home on Tuesday and it was still Sunday. When I was fully awake, I realized it was really them who went home after Cheep's last class in the afternoon just to see the puppies for themselves and not just on MMS and photos uploaded in FB. In the end I stood and helped them up. I placed all five puppies in the basket. Picture taking with the pups then followed.

Oh my, they were so noisy praising, exclaiming and all that to Chizka.I can still see their happy faces as they were playing with Chizka and puppes. They were very surprised that Chizka has indeed given birth to five puppies. They were amazed with the fact that our baby Chizka is no longer a baby but a mother to five cute puppies.

Before they went back to Dipolog City earlier tonight, they already had their pick. Cheem picked the smallest puppy with brownish black fur that she named Mocco while Cheep picked the cutest among the brown puppies that she named Mucho. Both their picks are males.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Green Carpet Cleaner

It is cozy to have a carpet at home. I bet everyone likes a carpet and/or carpet flooring but not the cleaning part of it. I have one huge carpet that hubby got me from the US and a couple of carpet rugs but I only use one right now simply because using all three will be a huge hassle for me when the need to clean up arise.

I only use the rectangular carpet rug, not too big for less hassle in cleaning. I placed the rug in my small working area, which is by the computer table; just big enough to fill the space between the computer, the TV and the couch. I like that even in this little area, I can walk barefooted with no problem. Instead, my feet are comforted with the soft and warm feel of the carpet. Warm and soft are things that everyone loves about a carpet. To have its maximum comfort, some people are even using carpet flooring for an entire room.

Although a carpet gives you that kind of comfort, carpet cleaning is a hassle. If you have carpets at home or have carpet flooring, I am sure you are troubled with carpet cleaning. If you do the cleaning yourself, you’ll surely be sweating a lot. If you are hiring a cleaning service for it, you’ll surely be spending a lot too. You choose which one justifies your need.

Hiring cleaning service is less work. I prefer it, I am sure you do too. How many times do you call for a carpet cleaning service a month? Do you find it better to hire a cleaner than doing the cleaning yourself? But how sure you are the carpet cleaning service you hire uses the cleaning materials that are safe for you, your kids and your pets? If you do not know yet, there is a carpet cleaning service in Brooklyn they call Green Carpet Cleaner. Why the name? The said cleaner uses Eco-friendly materials that are safe not only to the carpet but also to the environment and to you and your whole family’s health. Click here for more information about this Green Carpet Cleaner.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

So This Is Skirting?

So this is what skirting is or table skirting in formal HRM term. My youngest sister talked to me about their skirting competition in school. I didn't mind it at first for I didn't know what it was about until she showed me these photos.

Doing the table skirting.

It was said their class was divided into groups for the table skirting competition. There were about ten groups I think. Cheep's group landed on the fifth place after the competition. She was kind of sad about it but I knew she did her best. For me, their group is the winner. 

After all the hard work they did as a group, here's the result. 

To have an elegant table set-up, table skirting is one way to present it. Now I know that skirting plays a major role in parties and in special occasions like birthdays and weddings. Without this elegant way of table setting, parties will be dull. It is definitely one of the most important techniques an HRM student must learn.

8 Architecture Master Pieces To Look Out For in 2012

Has no-one told these guys that there’s a financial crisis on? These amazing feats of architecture have cropped up this year, and we think it’s time to celebrate them. Here are some of our favourites from across the globe:

DNB Headquarters in Oslo

The Dutch firm, MVRDV, must really like Tetris. This block building creates an optical illusion that the central segment of the building is hovering. The strange design is said to allow more natural light into the offices. Walkways often emerge outside of the building, leading to a pretty fantastic and complex structure.

Azerbaijan Central Centre in Baku

This white building has got curves in all the right places. The structure creates an exceptional sense of fluidity and is made out of glass-reinforced concrete. Azerbaijan Central Centre is a great example of architecture that works well with its surroundings – the building seems to emerge naturally out of the local topography!

Phoenix International Media Centre in Beijing

Phoenix International Media Centre is architecture’s bundt cake. This building of sci-fi proportions is a scrunchie of undulating steel. Inside, you’ll find offices and TV-broadcasting areas. China has really begun cultivating some of the most daring architects since the turn of the century.

London Bridge Tower

Not to be confused with London Tower, London Bridge Tower is a 21st century phenomenon. It looks like a mythical ice giant has stuck a shard right through the south bank of the Thames. London Bridge is a massive 72 stories high and the tapered glass looks sharp enough to cut yourself on. Visitors can take the elevator to absorb the scenery of London city from the viewing gallery.

Queen Alia International Airport in Amman

Get this: Queen Alia Airport is made out of photovoltaic canopies that not only provide shelter for weary travellers but they are built to store sunlight for eco-friendly energy. The open airport allows for ventilation and is a wonder to explore. Low to the ground, it offers a stark juxtaposition to the aeroplanes circling above.

Dalian International Conference Centre in Dalian

You’d be forgiven for thinking that a huge spaceship had landed in China, but it’s just the Dalian Conference Centre, in all its shining glory. The building’s exterior moulds into rippling surfaces that move like the sea.

Kamppi Chapel of Silence in Helsinki

This beautiful building, with its curved, wooden construction, envelopes visitors in a cozy sanctuary of wood. Kamppi Chapel is a great place to escape from your busy life and sit quietly with your thoughts. Aside from the religious theme, this rounded exterior is similar to the innovative designs of McCormick Architecture. We need to see more spaces like this.

Sliced Porosity Block in Chengdu

Made out of five towers, this building has residential and work areas. Looking more like a sculpture than a building, the exoskeletal construction is another building that does its best get as much natural light as possible.

Because There Is No Other Colors

This is not like her. Pink is just something that doesn't appeal much to her. So I was surprised when last week, she visited with this pink sling bag that she got cheaply for only a couple of hundreds and plus. When I asked her why pink? She answered "because there was no other colors available". I told you. She doesn't like pink that much unless she has no choice. If it was Cheep, I didn't need to ask. Anyway, Cheem must like this sling bag so much to grab it despite the color.

Friday, December 7, 2012

5 Reasons He Didn't Call

When after the first date, the guy doesn't call you again, it's time to figure out what the main reasons might be that you're not hearing from him. Facing this situation head on can be difficult. Anything that makes a person take a long look in the mirror is difficult, yet making an honest effort to determine the answers to this question may prevent it from happening again.

You believe that you both had a good time, or potentially what you might call a "great" time. You have looked at every aspect of the entire evening; you still have no idea why he's not calling you. There are many possible answers to this dilemma, but here are just a few of them that might "fit" your situation:

1. You talked too much, or conversely, you didn't talk enough.

Are you a good listener? Monopolizing the conversation can convey to the guy that you don't really care what he thinks. He may believe that you're too aggressive or an "air-head.". Maybe you talked too much out of a sense of nervousness, but he doesn't know this. Date two may have told him this. Talking too little may say to him that you're not really interested in what he's talking about. He may have been left with the impression that the two of you don't have anything in common. Talking and listening are the ways people get to know each other. That fact places a very heavy burden on first date conversations.

2. Being too attentive to his needs, his conversation, his "whatever" may really put him off.

He may feel that your desire is too great, and he can't handle it. The truth may be that you do care, and he doesn't. These are the things that can sometimes be difficult to accept. Looking back over the date will tell you if you were "advancing" too soon. You have too much desire for the relationship; he doesn't have enough.

3. He may date a lot of girls, and you are really no one "special".

This isn't your fault. It is nothing that you did or didn't do. It is all about "who he is." Many gals expect it to be something they said or did, and it just isn't. It's good to detect this sooner than later. That way, you don't waste your time even thinking about it. There are better places to put your energy to work.

4. You may be a secure person, and he's not.

This usually creates "bad vibes" and a vast distance between two people. Apparently, this is not the time when opposites attract. It is better when both of you are confident and somewhat outgoing.

5. There is no real attraction between the two of you.

The "chemistry" just isn't there. Haven't you at times enjoyed a date without feeling drawn to that person? Maybe he just wants to be friends and doesn't know how to say it. He may be afraid of hurting your feelings. Maybe he was really attracted to you and doesn't know how to handle that truth "in the light of day." Maybe he doesn't know how he feels. He may be afraid of being hurt.

There are so many reasons that the guy doesn't call back. It is good to have an introspective moment or two, but don't obsess on it. If you have fallen that hard for him, call him and check out the atmosphere. Call and tell him that you enjoyed the date. If you didn't enjoy the date, then don't make it an issue. Know when to let go.

Emily Silvertone writes for Peachy London - a site dedicated to love, life and sensuality. 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Hanging Out With Cheep's Friends

I got to like hanging out with Cheep's friends. During the last few months in Dipolog City, I hanged out with them the most. It was during the time when I got fed up with my own friends, or when I simply got tired hanging out with them and dealing with their BS. Yes, I had those kinds of friends too apart from the few good ones.

Anyway, hanging out with Cheep's group of friends that's mostly comprised of her HRIM classmates made me feel like a teen too. Come to think of it, I am the shortest and although I am the Ate or the big sister in the group, I feel like I am the babiest because they made me feel like it too.

Here's my pictures with Cheep and her sweet friend.

We are healthy, aren't we? Hehe...Yours truly with Analyn. I miss her goofiness. Kong sa Bisaya pa, sabay kaayo!

Here are the Videoke Queens.

Oh my I missed those times when we have the microphone all for ourselves to the other costumers' dismay. When it is our turn, we all would line up in from the TV and sing like we are having a concert. We share lines in every song so what we do is we pass the microphone to one another.

I am sharing this to 366 Blog Photo Challenge.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Three Chies Inspired Cakes?

This blog originally has a three-color theme inspired by our three favorite colors; pink, yellow and baby blue. For the first few changes done on this blog’s template, I used those three colors until I changed it to all-pink recently.

Check out the past layouts/templates of this blog:

As you can clearly notice, all these blog templates have those three colors. Which among these templates you like best? Well, if I am asked, being the designer of these templates, I like all of them. But why did I have to change from layout to layout? It is because I easily get tired of my blog's look that I had to dress it up from time to time to be inspired. 

Now for the Three Chies inspired cake. Ta...da!!!!

This is just a coincidence. My youngest sister Cheep took this picture while in a cooking/baking competition in Cagayan de Oro during their educational trip there. These are just two of the cakes displayed for the competition. These cake surely caught my sister's interest upon seeing the colors simply because it is The Three Chies theme!

366 Blog Photo Challenge