Wednesday, October 31, 2012

White Night Out...Should Be

We decided to go chill at Balai Resto Bar in Dipolog City one "SO boring" night and I came up of going out in a white shirt. All three of us in white. So it was then decided that we wear a white t-shirt, either printed or plain as long as it is white. Since we three are living separately already at that time, and since it was Cheep who has no ride, our rendezvous was Cheep's boarding house. After a few exchange of text messages, off I went to my youngest sister's. Cheep was ready when I arrived while Cheem, well she was late, as always. And not only that she was late, she broke the "white night out" code too! Tsk! Tsk! Cheep and I were shaking heads...but smiling at the thick-headed and (buangon) sister. 

The sunglasses are just props for the last minute photoshoots. 

On me: white top by Jag Jeans and an unbranded/thrifted shorts
On Cheem: 2-pc  bnw-striped Crissa Off shoulder top and Hot Kiss 3/4 pants
On Cheep: White see-through BNY top and Red Girl denim shorts

Missing The Halloween Party In The City

It is Halloween already, are you done putting up your Halloween decorations in your home? I am sure many of you already did all the Halloween stuffs including pumpkin carving and candy preparation for the trick or treat. Having mentioned that, I am sure the kids by now are overly excited to receive buckets of candies. Of course, they are also excited to wear their cute Halloween costume that themselves or their parents picked for them this year.
Here at home, there is no sign of Halloween as we don't celebrate it here in this little village but Dipolog City does. Dipolog city was my previous home; it is just an hour drive from where I live now. Halloween party is celebrated in there. I and Cheem as I vividly remember even took part in the Halloween celebration back then when we were still in college through putting up some scary and funny dorm décor like wall posters. Although those decors weren't from Spencer's, I assure you those gave our classmates a bit of scare.

Oh how I miss the city! How I miss partying there, especially during a fun Halloween Night with my sisters. I am sure all the bars in there right now are decorated with freaky decorations. There will be Halloween costume party here and there. I remember last year there was a Halloween party at my favorite bar wherein a customer who wore the scariest costume, a human skeleton, won some cash and beer towers. That was fun!

Friday, October 26, 2012

We Have A Backpacker

It is Cheep, the backpacker. Lol! She arrived yesterday with Cheem. She'll be staying here with us for two weeks for reasons it is already their semestral break and she has a two-week dentist appointment.

Cheep's pretty Cosé backpack. 

Cheep has some teeth that need to be pulled and mama decided for her to just see a dentist here than in Dipolog wherein no one can take care of her since it is far. It will be Cheep's first time to see a dentist so mother was quite cautious. I still remember back then when I got my teeth pulled for the first time, she didn't allow me to even carry a glass of water (kay mabughat daw). Do you agree? Well, mother knows best.

Anyway, mother did took Cheep to the dentist today. It was funny because when it was already her turn, the doctor backed out after seeing Cheep looking so pale and sweaty. Cheep said she got scared looking at the hammers. Lol! So the doctor just prescribed her two sets of medicines today and rescheduled the pulling for tomorrow. I hope it will be a success.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Prada Messenger Bag In My Wish List

I have finalized my Christmas wish list. Oh, is it too early? If it is, at least I have minimized my Christmas thoughts by deducting the wish list to it. Now, I only think of saving to buy those in the wish list. School stuffs for my godchildren who are already in grade school topped my list. Next to it are the educational toys for the little ones. I have in my list, of course, the meaningful jewelry gifts I am hoping to get for my family. Last but not the least; I have in my list a Prada messenger bag for myself. I prefer white.
I have been longing another white bag to add to my collection of whites. The last white bag I got for myself months ago from Secosana is a bit worn out now while the older ones have become too boring to wear. Since Christmas is nearing, it is just right to think of a splendid gift like a messenger bag made by a famous brand that has been an urban fashion icon. I like this messenger bag because it is not only trendy and fashionable but also very useful to hold your stuffs for both fashion and travel purposes. It has three large compartments inside that is perfect for two sets of clothing, vanity kits and other stuffs. Not to mention the authenticity. Good news, this is now on killer sale where you can save 68.83 % off its retail price!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sister's Pinks On The Musical Night

Among us, the youngest sister Cheep is most active in extracurricular activities in school since grade school to college. Particularly, she joins school dance activities, beauty pageants and other dance contests. Last September, their school celebrated the school's foundation and that celebration comes with various contests in dancing, singing and other school activities. It was retro dance that she joined to. It has been her dream to be one of the best retro dancers in the said school and that night, she seemed to have reached the dream after her group won the first place in the Musical Night competition. I am so proud of her!

By the way, you might wonder why the post title "sister's pink". Well, I simply missed the pink memes PF and PS. I have a lot of pinks to share courtesy of Cheep, of course. Whenever I hear the word pink, it is Cheep that comes to mind first. This post is as well my share to the meme Pink Saturday. So here are my share of pink this week.
A pose with her classmate before the make-up and hair-do on their Musical Night.
The pink: her pink glasses, pink belt and pink dots on her dress. 

Cheep striking a pose after her transformation with one of her co-dancers. 
They are a perfect pink pair, aren't they? 

Here's the group embellished with vintage clothing. They weren't aware yet of their victory as they were still preparing to perform in this photo. This is their final pose before their winning performance. 

And finally, here's them performing their best to victory. Congratulations to them HRIM retro dancers especially to my sister! The family is so proud and thankful for being blessed with a very beautiful soul. 
We love you gang2x! Smooches!

Dreams Of The Three Chies

I have to accept the fact that no other one in the family can really be a Blogger like me. At first I thought I could persuade the younger sister Cheem to blog because she has diaries. She started writing on her diaries since high school. I even read some of it that's why I knew then that she had a crush on our neighbor across the street. I even learned that the two of them became an item in school, they were classmates. (Peace Cheem, I didn't know it was a But well, she's not much of a computer person. She only sits in front the computer to check her Facebook account and to make Imikimi photos.

Failed to persuade Cheem, I turned the persuading to Cheep. I succeed! It was 2009 or 2010 when she created her own blog in blogger, which she called CHEEP. It was just in time with her first steps in college.Her blog then served as her college life record. She was so diligent then with her blogging, writing every happening and every interesting thing she see and experience in school. I was happy! But college life became too stressing for her that she forgot about blogging. I just received a call from her actually apologizing for not being able to blog for awhile, which I understand. 

This is just an implication that you can't dictate anyone. You just can't let anyone to go along with your wishes even if it is good for them. Each really is unique. Each has his/her own desires. We may be sisters but we are different. Cheem is into singing and dreams to become a popular singer someday.  Cheep is into cooking and dreams to be a popular chef internationally. I am into blogging and I simply dream to become a millionaire. Lol!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Buy Established Internet Businesses

I once thought of starting an online business of my own using my own capital but the thought of losing my card on it scared me and as a result, I didn't push it through and just settled on being an associate. It was an online fashion retail store that I planned to create. I would have been selling stylish clothing, shoes and accessories and have earned thousands already like many of the successful internet businesses nowadays if I had it materialized. Otherwise, I would have been sulking in one corner regretting on the money I have lost. It is a two way street, business is, may it be online or not but who knows you are destined to be successful in the online field? Who knows I was too? It's just that I didn't give it a try and honestly, I am regretful right now.

If you really feel you can be successful in venturing business online, you should give it a go. Who knows you are born to create online presence along with many of your products? In case you think of starting a business but doubtful whether you gain customers globally in a snap, fret not because there are already established internet businesses you can buy at prices you sure find reasonable. You can own your preferred business in just three steps - no sweat. Then the next thing you'll do is manage it and profit from it.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pool Time In Mibang Hotel

Where was this at? The happy-go-lucky sister again went somewhere? It was my first thought upon seeing this picture tagged on her FB wall.
Actually, she didn't go somewhere because this picture was only taken in Dipolog. I think now that she is settled with her current bf, her horns are cut down to wander around like she used to do. This picture actually was taken when I was still in Dipolog City. It was the day when her then UK-based bf visited the country again. This was taken inside a room in Mibang Hotel. 
Later that night, the younger sister's bf call the family out for dinner and night swimming after. Oh, I can still imagine their excitement as they prepared their swim wears. The little sisters had a lot of fun swimming after the dinner while I as well had a lot of fun watching them. It was unfortunate that my period visited me that very day. Here are the two enjoying the water.  
I've been to Mibang Hotel several times but only to dine, to drink or sing videoke, and to play pool with friends. I've never stayed overnight in there yet as the place is just near my house and apartment in Dipolog. I've never even tried swimming in their swimming pool yet.

I link this to 366 Blog Photo Challenge.

Bored With The Blog's Theme

Changing the layout of my blog means I am bored with it. I have been bored by the looks of this blog this whole week. It is evident in my negligence. When was the last time I posted an update here? A week ago. My bad! I lost the fire to update simply because I got tired looking at how common the previous theme had become. It wasn't long ago when I was so inspired and excited by it yet now it turned into a past of this blog's fashion. Lol! So to get my fire back for this blog, I decided to dress this up with a fresh and cute blog theme. How is it?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Rent a Book and Save a Smile

I remember the days when I used to stop at the municipal library after school to read books. Even when my mother would scold me for coming home late, never in a day that I missed going to that library, except during those few instances when i needed to go home early. Renting the books then weren't allowed as I remember but you can read as much books as you want inside the library.

Earlier, I ran into that supports the cause Operation Smile. It features "renting a book for a cause".  For all college students and even those who simply love reading books to add to their bucket of knowledge, this is something you can benefit from while at the same time help save a smile or a life.

Here are FAQ's:

Why rent a book at Campus Book Rentals? Here are some perks when you rent a book:
 -you can save 40-90% off of bookstore prices
 -shipping is free both ways
-you can highlight in the textbooks
 -there is a flexible renting period
-we donate to Operation Smile with each textbook rented
-and etc.

Come visit the site now and browse on their list of books and textbooks for rent. For accounting students or for those who want to add more accounting knowledge to their heads, I suggest renting Financial Accounting textbook by Spiceland, J. David and Thomas Wayne.

Renting a book from Campus Book Rentals is easy. You can simply order or rent the book online, receive it in your mailbox, use it and then when done, return it. Simply repeat the process when renting another book.

What are you waiting for? Save a life now by renting a book - through it you are supporting Operation Smile that helps putting a smile on anyone in need.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Good Girl's Photo Shots

My little cousins run to me one day boasting Chizka's good girl's photo shots (daw). They showed me these pictures below.
Pictures of my youngest sister with Chizka facing the camera. 

Using my phone, the little cousins attempted taking pictures of Chizka facing the camera without being forced. Below were some of their attempts. It took them several tries before capturing their so-called "Chizka's good girl" shot. 

Chizka can't really be still when something catches her attention. And knowing there were few kids playing on the road, outside our house that day, she sure was spastic, wanting to join the game the kids played.
I am linking this to 366 Blog Photo Challenge hosted by Family's Daily Adventure.