Thursday, August 30, 2012

NYC's Vision for Our Heroes Program

Marc Werner, MD of Stahl Eyecare is offering the Vision For Our Heroes program to provide 30% off Lasik for New York City area fire fighters, law enforcement, teachers, and military personnel. Even immediate family members (spouse, children) can get the discount!

Stahl Eyecare surgeons are Harvard, Yale and Johns Hopkins trained and have performed over 40,000 Lasik procedures.

Lasik has been proven so safe and effective that it has been approved by NASA for use on US astronauts, pilots, and mission payload specialists who face extreme, physically demanding conditions.

Three Chies' Pose

Here we are the three Chies in our best supermodel poses. Lol! Cheep tagged me in this photo in Facebook a month ago. She was being playful one day with Photoscape and put our pictures together in a page frame. She always does that when she has nothing to do before signing in to her Facebook account. It is so sweet of her!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Put Up a Small Business

What are you going to do when you have about a half million pesos? Are you going to use it to put up a small business? Are you going to save it by depositing in a bank? Or are you just going to waste it by spending on nonsense things. Money nowadays vanishes easily. Without knowing, that half million pesos is already gone. That can happen if money is spent unwisely.

Putting up a business, a small business for a start, is what I had learned from the past year. Having the money at hand or just saving it in the bank won't do you good if gaining a profit from your money is what you want. You have to risk it by investing! You can start by investing on a small business that requires only a small capital. If you know nothing about business, there are small business tips that can help and guide you. Who knows that small business you have just started is fated to become a big company in the future?

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Cheep On Her Exam Preparation and Cheem's Gifts

Cheep was busy studying her lessons for their exam in school tomorrow. She was murmuring, trying to memorize everything on her notes and hand papers while I was as well busy blogging this morning. From time to time though, she stops to take pictures. I found it funny. She was like documenting her study session or just collecting proofs that she is studying. Here's one of her self-shots.

On the other hand, Cheem visited just a while ago with a paper bag in hand. She said inside the bag are gifts for me. I was excited to check what's in the bag when I saw these. A pack of Peewee and  a special Avocado-flavored iced candy for me. Lol! It is so cute of her. Thank you sis!
Cheem is still shy about what she did a week ago. She left my apartment, bringing all her things, and eloping with her boyfriend without letting me know on early dawn of August 2. I was sad and angry about it but it was only for a day. I held no grudge whatsoever. I am happy today that she visited.

 I am sharing this to 366 BPC @ Pinay Sahm.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cheep During SHRIM Ball 2012

This happened sometime in June this year. It was a gala night for all Hotel, Restaurant and Institution Management or HRIM students in DMC. I found these photos of my lovely sister good enough to share. I hope at least these could entertain you. And please do excuse me for not writing something good and informative in this blog these past few days. It's just that my mind has been occupied thinking about a lot of things.

It's a delight watching your little sister grow into a beautiful lady. I am a one proud big sister to her. I can see myself in her years ago being so diligent and ambitious. She is doing great in school and is active in the curricular activities. Currently, she is participating in a retro dance.

I link this post to 366 BPC @ Pinay Sahm.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sisters in a Page Frame

I was checking the photos saved in my computer to find a photo for BPC when I run into this touching set of photos merged by my youngest sister in a page frame using Photoscape. It is what she's been doing while I was sleeping yesterday morning and before she went to school. This one is a sweet one and so I thought of sharing this to 366 BPC @ Pinay Sahm.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Left Without A Word

Cheem made a major decision in life. She decided to live independently with her current boyfriend, away from family's help and support. I do not know what made her do it but I bet she thought of it as the best thing to do for them to live their lives together...and alone. I think maybe Cheem had gone tired and shy living in a house where she and her boyfriend cannot have the utmost privacy they need. Cheem and Budoy have been living here in my apartment for how many months now. They were occupying one of the rooms here; the room next to dad's. It was not a problem for me to have them live with me. I even like it better than letting my sister live with the guy's family for I am assured that my sister is well and safe.

They were living peacefully under me for the last few months but lately they were always fighting. I worried everytime I heard some banging inside their room. Afraid my sister gets hurt, of course, I had to check on what's going on. I scolded them several times and even told them to live somewhere if they keep fighting.  I don't know if those words were the main reason why my sister eloped with her boyfriend last Thursday night for we haven't talked yet. It is funny to think my sister had it all planned without me knowing. She did planned it very well for I didn't know how and when she packed up her things and left. If I didn't get in her room last Thursday night when I arrived in the apartment from attending mom's birthday party in Manukan, I wouldn't know she already had eloped with Budoy.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Take Your Business to the Next Level with These 4 Tools

Running a business may not be a walk in the park, but if done properly, the long-term benefits are well worth the hassle. Now, running a business entails planning, strategizing and a lot of hard work, especially if your business is still starting. Strategizing involves knowing the tools that work and the processes that maximize your resources. And if you're looking for free or low-cost tools to bring your business to the next level, check these four online services out:


CRM and intranet implementation has fast become the trend among businesses nowadays, especially on the efficiency front. Well, given these tools' ability to foster collaboration and effective communication in an enterprise, there's no wonder they're rocking the business world. Unfortunately, these tools don't necessarily favor the pockets of small entrepreneurs. is a social enterprise application that's 100% free for businesses with a total of 12 employees or less. Bitrix24 is a combination of several different work functionalities such as CRM for transaction and sales tracking, real-time viewing, intranet, document and file sharing, calendar and activity planner, workforce management, to name a few - essentially your one-stop work station. Also, Bitrix24 is cloud-based, meaning, you don't need to install anything, and it can be accessed anywhere where there's internet connection, whether through a smartphone or your web-based browser on your PC. For companies with more than 12 staff members, an upgrade to unlimited users is priced at $99 per month.


If you're a businessman who constantly needs to travel, you probably recognize the help cheap airfare offers to your operational expenses. But with the very competitive nature of the airline industry nowadays, airlines are confining their cheapest deals into their own sites or their partner sites instead of offering them to  price-comparison websites. The result, the end consumer would have to go about scouring flight, airline and travel sites to search and compare until he comes up with the best and cheapest airline ticket available. is a metasearch engine that sifts through hundreds of flight and travel sites, plus 728 airline sites, for the best and cheapest airfare promos, and makes the data conveniently accessible by the searching public in one site. JetRadar not only ensures you get the best airfare value for your money, it also limits the time and effort you would have to spend to find what you're looking for.


Business process automation is a process that allows businesses to streamline operations, restructure manpower and cut down on costs. is an automation and collaboration solution for work management, task administration and issue tracking in cross-functional workgroups. With Comindware Tracker, you get to visually design and optimize workflows with ease through its innovative technology called Workflow Builder. With Workflow Builder, you don't need to have designing or IT expertise. All you need to know is drag and drop items in the dashboard, and in a matter of minutes, your new workflow solution is ready for deployment. And what's cool about this new workflow you've just devised, it doesn't have to disrupt existing workflow processes, meaning, you formalize and make changes on the fly whenever and if ever the need arises. Comindware offers a free trial, and once you're ready to make a purchase, Comindware gives out discounted rates for bulk purchases.


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The Little Birthday Party for Mama

We have just arrived today from Manukan for my mother's little "early-morning birthday party" after the morning serenade. My mother, who had just turned forty-nine years old today seemed to look younger than that age, maybe because she looked so happy, so loved and so in loved. Her wish to have morning serenade birthday was materialized and she didn't have anything to ask for, she said. The people who did the morning serenade were mom's family and relatives who started serenading at four thirty in the morning. Present of course was mom's mom; my grandmother.

Mom wearing a pink top and a trendy shorty-short added to her younger look even with her purple-rimmed eyeglasses. We concluded that it was a just birthday celebration for mom because she got to be with her family who dedicated birthday wishes to her, prayed for her more blessing and long life and chit-chatted with her after. We watched the entire serenade; from when mom welcomed then in to the prayer and dance.

When the serenade and prayer was over, we then helped serving the foods that we helped prepare. We had the foods cooked and prepared at midnight until two in the morning to serve warm foods. We only had a little preparation; just a pig roast that we already chopped and packed with rice, pansit and dinuguan. We as well made a macaroni with fruit salad for dessert.

And of course, we bought a birthday cake for mom. Since green is her favorite color, we got her a Pandan Chocolate Cake from Grandma's Best. Although it was only a simple birthday party, we were sure mom was overjoyed.