Friday, April 27, 2012

When Shipping Arts, Go for Ship-Smart

Wall arts and any kinds of art adornments for a home are precious as they are expensive. They serve as assets a home can have and at the same, the beautifying elements turning a dull home into a lively one through their colorful and beautiful designs. Therefore, wall arts particularly the most expensive ones are considered one of those valuable things we can own. A wall art below called 7 Lucky Horses is so far the most expensive framed wall art I have with a price could buy a new motorbike. It is well-shipped from one of the finest ideal art makers in Italy, beautifully-crafted and well-carved 

Wall arts sure can bring your boring home to life. That is why when ordering expensive stuffs such as expensive wall arts somewhere far, let us say outside the country, one must make sure that it is well taken care of during the packaging and shipping. The shipment should secure its value and it should arrive to its rightful destination, to its rightful owner safe and in its undamaged form. Good handling and shipment of these arts as well apply when moving from your old home to a new one. Even if it is just across the city you are moving to, still you must make sure of the safety of your valuable stuffs. When you are in a current plan to move to your new home and haven't found a trusted shipping company yet, you must check out ship-smart art shipping for the guaranteed safely of your valuable arts.

Let's Play A Game - Pink Frankenstee Tee

"Let's play a game."

I am sure you are all familiar with that line by that masked man in the bloody movie series Saw. The masked man says that to his unrivaled and pitiful playmate whenever he feels like playing a bloody game. I am not a fan of that movie. I can't even stand watching it but I found this pretty pink tee by an indie clothing line Frankenstee cool.
If you have noticed, that masked man character in the movies series Saw is printed in the front, over the pretty pink cloth of this tee. How could you resist pink? Although I have passed from being a teen who was crazy-over-pink, the craze for pink still attacks me from time to time.
And this ugly-looking masked man from Saw wasn't able to scare nor hinder me from buying the tee. This tee cost Php490.00 or about $10 sold at Bewear Apparels here in Dipolog City. If you want to buy one, just leave a comment. A friend of mine who sells tees like this ships anywhere in the world. (One With the Strength of a Host)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Try The Super Trim Formula

Losing weight is like an unending battle to those who are struggling to lose weight. I would say I am in this an unending battle right now. How many years have I been struggling to lose weight? It’s been years. I’ve reached to the point of weight loss success but it was only for a couple of years. I wasn’t able to maintain it and after those years of enjoying my desired body and weight, I am back to the old fatty me. Those couple of years of being fit was not easy for me. It felt like hell holding my cravings to eat a lot of foods that I was dying to eat.

There is a lot of a diet pill or supplement that claimed effective in getting rid of those unwanted fats in the body. Some of those pills may be effective to one person but not to others. It is maybe because each person has different reaction to each pill or supplement taken. I’ve tried quite a lot of diet supplements and pills and I’ve had different reactions to all of it. One worked and one didn’t. One thing that I haven’t tried is to join a diet program. Have you joined a diet or weight loss program before? What can you say about the result? Did you get better result? 

Many have proven that joining a diet program is very effective for you are trained or there is an eating pattern that you have to strictly follow. In case you are interested, there is a diet program offered called Super Trim Weight Loss Program with a Super Trim Fomula in partnership with hCG drops. The said formula is said to give you better result than just taking the HCG drops. So if you think to just buy hCG drops, it is better to check on this weight loss program first. Who knows this program will work on you?

Facebook Shirt

Just showing Cheem's Facebook shirt. It is just a cheap shirt that cost fifty pesos I think. I was envious when she first showed it to me but it was only available in extra small size. This shirt just implies how addicted she is in Facebook but I know for sure that her addiction to it isn't comparable to mine. I would like to share this photo to Wednesday Whites.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Meeting Cheem's New Boyfriend

I finally met my younger sister’s African boyfriend who is born African but lived in England all his life. I can tell even without him telling through his accent. I thought my sister was just fooling us around when she told us that the guy is in Dipolog City and wanted to meet the family a couple of days ago. I even told her to marry him and have “Beyonce” babies. It turned out that she was telling the truth. She wasn’t really joking and she has been hiding the fact that she has been seeing him as the latter goes here and back to China for business.

So the guy really was in Dipolog City for a business trip and was staying at Mibang Hotel. Earnest to meet the sister’s boyfriend, we planned to go and meet. Since mother is far and could not be able to come and father was too shy to come out and see and talk to another foreigner aside from my husband Gary and our neighbor here, only the three of us went. Because he was staying in Mibang Hotel, I find it convenient for us because it’s just near from where we live plus its location is bit away from the busy main streets of the city. So driving a bike there was easy especially for Cheem as I still don’t trust her driving.

So there we went to Mibang. He was at the pool area when we arrived around 4 in the afternoon. He is kind of a nice guy as I sensed it in the way he talks. It was nice talking to him about anything under the sun. I could have asked him about how effective african mango seed extract can be. Lol. Anyway, after a few meet and greet, we then had our early dinner. Then later we went back to the apartment and change in swimming suits for a night swimming. My sisters had a great time swimming in the pool that night while I enjoyed watching them. I had my period so I couldn’t take the plunge even though I so wanted to. I am glad to be able to meet the guy that captured my sister's heart at the meantime. I don't know if they are serious. 

Coffee, As a Blogging Mate

Coffee is for me the best blogging mate because you get to taste its delight and feel its stimulating power. Being a blogger, well an irresponsible and a procrastinating one, I have to stay up late to do my daily duties and those that I’ve left undone earlier of the day or the other day. I could be a lot worse of a procrastinator than that but anyway coffee is the best blog mate plus stimulant in my entire blogging time whether it is day or night. Sipping on a cup filled with hot black, brown or even white coffee – yes, I am that flexible of a coffee drinker now - while thinking of something to write about is such a joy. Not to mention its power of being a stimulant that helps awaking my sleeping ideas.

I have tried quiet a lot of different kinds of coffee already. Instant coffee and roasts, lattes, cappuccinos, fraps and iced are some that I’ve tried. Those instant ones though are usually the ones I always have as they are easy to find and quick to prepare. Besides, my coffee maker is no longer working because its carafe was broken and I haven’t found a store here yet where I could buy a replacement for that part of a coffee maker. I have a one made under a brand name Nikon bought about three years ago. If that coffee maker still works, I would go for healthy coffee, preferably the organic coffee grounds and have it brewed in a coffee maker for it tastes better that way. Plus you can experiment by adding mocha and milk to your cup or any other sweet things that you think would go well or add to the coffee’s delectable taste and tempting aroma. Saying that, now I have to start looking for a carafe replacement!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Blue and Yellow for Monday

These two sure are my little camera whores. Whenever the camera is available to use they would take pictures of themselves or ask me to take picture of them. And then a series of pictorial follows.

I am sharing these random photos of them to Blue Monday and Mellow Yellow Monday

For Blue Monday: Cheep's Blue Spaghetti top, their denim shorts and pants and Cheem's blue phone case and blue Angry Bird phone bling.

For Mellow Yellow Monday: Cheem's yellow tube top and the couch.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Great Day Turns Into A Bad Day

The three Chies' day started out great today. Cheep visited early in my apartment and started joking around with her elder sister Cheem. Their noise woke me up but it was okay. It's better to hear them joking around, pestering at each other in a good way and laughing than quarreling over nonsense things. It was nearly lunchtime that I decided to get up to prepare lunch but badly, the electricity went out and said to be back at five in the afternoon. So I asked them to buy lunch at the nearby eatery. We then had a sumptuous lunch with father. 

After lunch, I joined their pestering, well in a good way. What else could we do when there's no electricity and we were bored. That's the least we can do to fight the boredom. When tired, we decided to do a last minute bargain shopping at the flea market. I wanted to buy two things there; a pair of running shoes and a litter of organic coconut oil for my lifeless hair. I have been bothered by my damaged hair lately. It gets dry and  lost its life, smoothness and silkiness. So we went to the flea market. It was around three in the afternoon when we arrived there. It was good for the market wasn't as crowded as yesterday and the sun wasn't that hot. We had a great time excavating every stall of shoes and clothes that we passed by and checked out those we liked. Sadly, I wasn't able to find a running shoes that fits me. 

When done at the flea market, we decided to have a snack at Jolibee but in the end we decided to enter Greenwich per Cheep's request as she was craving for lasagna. We ordered enough foods for take out as we like it better to eat at home because we can eat however we pleased and how much we can take. There were so much joy when we arrived at my apartment and prepared the coffee table to eat our snacks. It was another great day for the three Chies but later on, the great day turned out to be a bad day because Cheep's phone was gone. She put her cellphone in the back pocket of her shorts and she still had it when we left Greenwich. We suspected she left it in the tricycle. We tried ringing it and it rang for about 30 minutes and no answer. We are hopeless to find it out as the phone is switched off after.  Poor Cheep she lost another pink phone again to think I just blogged about it yesterday. 

Taking Care of Your Skin Naturally

It is a known fact that most Filipinos, as I know of and personally experience, struggle to be fair skinned. Having a fair skin here seems to mean beauty. So it you have a fair complexion meaning you are beautiful. I do not know to other countries but sadly it is like that here. Although many hypocrites would come out saying brown is beautiful but the truth is, we are buying more on having a fair skin is beautiful. I, personally am scared to come out when the sun is raging hot. I know many could relate to this. Buying every lotions that claims could turn our brown skin into white, for sure many of us have done this. Tanning? I would say is not in my vocabulary. I would go for a night swimming instead unless I really have to do it under the raging sun for the whole family to enjoy.
Photo Not Mine

As early as 25, I've already tried different kinds of skin whitening products and other skin treatments just to be fair skinned except the costly surgery. If as early as this I am already struggling to climbing the peak of being white, how much more when I age? There will be many more skin problems to deal with such as uneven skin tone, skin discoloration, age spots and wrinkles. As for having a fair complexion, there's one natural way that I found effective in turning your skin fair and that is naturally taking care of your skin by staying out of the sun. For skin discoloration and other skin problems, go for natural skin care products that has effective natural ingredients like Vitamin C.

Cheep's New Phone

I talked in my previous post about how Cheep lost her old pink Samsung Corby II phone. I was saddened about it for the phone was originally mine which I only handed down to her as her early Christmas slash birthday gift last year.

Gladly after three months, we were able to save money to buy her a new one. She chose another Samsung mobile phone but this time it is a Samsung Galaxy Y S5360. Pink lover as she is, she managed to find a pink one. I hope she won't lose this phone or I won't be getting her another one.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Insomnia Affects Day Workers

Do you have insomnia? You have insomnia when you are all awake at night but asleep all day.  You feel sleepy, you feel tired but your mind is so alive and awake. That is insomnia.  Few causes of insomnia are anxiety, stress, depression and menopause. This case is very bothersome when you are working, especially when working regularly. There's a tendency that you'll fall asleep in the middle of your work, which makes you an inefficient worker and an unproductive person. Who would hire a person who can't do a job well, who can't contribute to a company's success and can't meet an employer's expectation? No one! So be ready to be fired in no time if you cannot handle insomnia.

Well, just the fight to get a sleep at night is already very troublesome. As a matter of fact, I am an insomniac myself so I can tell how hard of a trouble it is trying to get the sleep that seems to be so elusive. It is blogging or my online work that has affected my sleep big time. I blog more or I face my computer more than I sleep. My regular sleeping time nowadays is four to five hours only. The rest are spent blogging or working online and doing a little household work like cooking, washing laundry and the likes. Sometimes, I even force to stay up until noon in a day even in just a wee bit of minutes just to complete the daily tasks. But sometimes I couldn't fight the sleep that I fall on my computer desk. As for my time pattern and the nature of my work, I see no problem for I work at night and when ever I want but to office workers or other day workers, it will be truly hard for them.

So it really sucks to have insomnia when you are a day worker trying to earn a living. To persevere in a job that earns you only a meager salary, that last thing you want to happen is to be fired. You don't need to worry thought for I heard there is something that can help you with you insomnia and that is a pill called sonata, which effects contrast to sleeping pills. I bet you can buy sonata online. Find out everything about it first and consult a physician if its good for you to take such pill before deciding to buy.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cheem and The Fascinator

Pink hat and pink rose with feathers and laces,  a fascinator on Cheem.

We saw this cute fascinator sold and displayed at a quite inappropriate shop - a cellphone shop inside Lee Plaza Supermarket. We were there the other week to buy a screen protector for my phone and while there, Cheem went checking on the displayed accessories which are mostly for phones. Then she spotted this fascinator, there were three of them, that is attached to a headband. It is decorated with a little pink hat and a pink rose with of course, feathers and laces. What is a fascinator without those two? Anyway, she called out to me for a snapshot saying we will show to it to Cheep when we get home, which we did to her delight. Cheep said she wants one.  So you find it pretty? It costs a hundred plus in peso. 

Share anything share-able that is PINK every Saturday. 
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Keep Me Awake

Do you have those moments when you are fighting your sleep? Trying to stay awake to do and finish all the tasks of the day and meet the deadlines, I do have a lot of those moments for about three weeks now or I think it is already a month. Like right at this moment, I am fighting my sleep hoping to finish what I need to do. I may look so relaxed to others, particularly my family and friends but they do not know how stressed I had been. I am stressed every single night working. I am like a vampire who stays awake all night and sleeps all day.  I am not complaining, I just hope though that I can be able to keep up with it.

Right at this time, I still have a lot to do and I do hope I could  stay awake for at least another two hours to finish the things that need to be done to hopefully beat the deadline. I could care less of the the eye bags and dark circles for the fact is I need to do my job. Stressed and sleepy sigh! If you are with me in this situation you understand how crazy it is to even avoid a cat-nap. I have here a cup of  Kopiko black coffee which where I am getting my energy from. I will be getting another cup here soon to boost.  If only I can buy modafinil right now to try if it can  really keep me awake, I would but I think it is not even available here.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sisters Eating Durian?

Really? Were they?

Cheem brought a big round of Durian from her visit to mama few days ago. It's really big, I just forgot to take  a picture of the whole fruit. My sisters and I do not eat this fruit but since mama insisted to bring the fruit back, Cheem wasn't able to say no. Good thing papa eats Durian now it's about this size in the picture that's left in the fridge.

Anyway, that day when Cheem arrived to my apartment with a durian, papa sliced the fruit like he does to a watermelon and gave the slice to us. It was funny because the three of us were pushing each other to eat the slice. As if we were scared to even come near it. We only smelled it and licked to taste. You know poking a finger on the fruit's soft and yellowish flesh and lick? The funny part, I pulled a morsel of it and quickly put it on Cheem's mouth and then she spat it out and put it on Cheep's. Lol!

In the end, all three of us went "I pass!". Call us ignorant, still...we pass! Lol! Cheep just settled to have her picture taken with the fruit and Cheem happened to be in it too. Well me, I was taking the picture. 


Tae Bo Plan Plus Raspberry Ketone Diet

The sisters have been planning to join the free Tae Bo aerobic exercises every morning in the boulevard. They have been urging me to go with them and join. Well, I do need that exercise so I can sweat out all the fats in me but I was skeptical about the idea for they have nothing else to lose if it is losing weight they want. They are both in good shape. Besides, Tae Bo starts early at four in the morning and I haven't seen my sisters wake up that early. So, it is all a plan. On my part, four in the morning if not five is my usual time to go to bed now. I am like up all night until morning and sleep all day. It has been my sleeping schedule since I started getting serious back into blogging. I am kind of using a foreign time. With all that, there is no way they or we could materialize the plan to do Tae Bo. We might just rather do it at home. Tae Bo aerobic exercises plus raspberry ketone diet would be an awesome weight loss combo!

I keep wondering why my sisters are still complaining about their shape when are even far from being heavy. They might have missed the sight of me that almost doubled their weight. Lol! I should be the one complaining here as I’ve gone bigger than before. But instead of complaining why not just accept the fact or do something about it? Well, I start eating healthy now. I am strictly following my own healthy eating pattern and that is making sure to include vegetables in my daily main dishes but with lesser rice. I am just glad that my sisters are starting to eat vegetables now too. I’ve been having a hard time letting them eat vegetables.

Friday, April 13, 2012

The Convenience of Shopping Online

More and more Internet users prefer the most convenient way to shop nowadays. Where else could it be but online. It is not due to the laziness to visit the local stores near you but because online shopping allows you to learn more about the products you are aiming to buy through online reviews at the convenient of your very own home. There are a lot of things saved through online shopping including the gas or fare and your time and energy. You can read the good and bad about a certain product you are planning to buy or a certain service you are going to get through the views and opinions of those who have already tried. The disadvantages of online shopping though are (1) you can't guarantee of the products' quality when it is shipped to you and (2) will ever arrive at your doorstep? The reputation of a company or a business where the products are sold or the services are offered is also one of the things that you have to take into consideration when shopping online. Are they trustworthy? Are they prompt in shipping your purchases?

Almost everything is sold online. Not just stuffs for home and gardening or apparels and accessories but also foods and medical products such as coffee, dietary supplements and the likes. There is a lot more, you just name it! Speaking of dietary supplements, I just ranted about my disappointment to the many supplements I've tried. It seems so hard to maintain my used to be healthy body weight for I am eating more than ever. Just today while doing a random search of random stuffs in head, I had again came across a dietary supplement and this time it is Phentermine, which is said to be an effective weight loss solution even when used in a short term and gives you permanent result. If it really is a permanent weight loss solution, it could be the answer to the many weight problems. I wonder where I can buy phentermine online, I mean the real deal. As I've said when shopping online, go for trustworthy sellers or companies.

Simple and Organized Blog Template

Ok, you are not lost. You are at the three chies' blog. It's just that this blog is newly dressed. I've gone weary of the previous template. It became so noisy and childish to my eyes so I decided to replace it with a relatively simpler and organized template. How do you like the look? I got this cool pinky template from Chica Blogger.

What I like best about this template aside from being clean and organized is the slider. I did few attempts of installing a template with a slider before but I failed in getting the slider to work. Gladly this template is easy to work with. Here are the three of the photos I featured on the slider.
I am sharing Cheep's pink stuffs and this pinky new template to 

A slider is supposedly used for featuring important blog posts but in this blog, I decided to just use it as personal photo slider. I am liking that idea so far for I have too many important posts to feature and featuring them all would take so much of my time. I still have to work with the header or the blog title but it can wait. So how do you like the new look of this blog?

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Optimized Saffron Satiereal Extract

If some women are struggling to gain weight, there are also some, well actually there are many women and even men who are struggling to lose weight. I can relate to the latter and I am sure many can. I too am currently struggling losing unwanted fats in my body. You say getting down to trying any weight loss pills, laxatives and dietary supplements that come my way, I have done it. Doing every morning exercises, I have done it too. In the end, I sensed no sign of losing weight. Now I am tired of taking any pills and doing morning exercises because instead of losing, I feel like I have gained more weight. There may be pills that burn what you eat making you throw waste more than the regular times yet after it, they make you feel hungry and you’ll end up eating more. It is not the weight loss pill that we need. Maybe satiereal saffron extract can answer to our weight loss problem.

What is satiereal saffron extract by the way? According to Dr. Oz, it is the “miracle appetite suppressant supplement”. Why, because it decreases your cravings for foods or reduces the urge of snacking between meals. It makes you feel full yet increases your energy and improves your mood. Satiereal is the extract derived from the spice called saffron that is said to have been used in Persia for centuries as stress reliever and mood developer. Now there is these optimized saffron satiereal extract in the forms of vegetarian capsules that help you stay fit and healthy. If it is maintaining your healthy body weight you want, taking saffron satiereal extract capsule daily can help you with it. As long as the capsules are taken responsibly by pairing it with healthy eating habit and exercise, you’ll likely be getting the good result you are yearning for.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Chem's Costumized Yarn Bracelet

Cheem got herself a customized yarn bracelet. I don't really know the correct term of such bracelet but let me just call it that way. She bought it from Mt. of Linabo during her climb to the 3003 Steps last Holy Thursday.

She said she saw this stall after reaching the 14th Station of the Cross that has yarn bracelets for sale for 15php each. You can have it personalized by adding your name or any word on it. 
Chem bought one, a black one. She chose to put her nickname "Chem" on the plastic that's attached to it in the middle. It's kind of creative.
And here's the final product. Chem and I wanted one for ourselves too but too bad we forgot about it while we were there.