Sunday, February 19, 2012

Stylish Computer Desks

My computer desk is about to give up. I understand for it has been nearly fours years since I had this computer desk. It had became rusty and some parts are already falling apart. The sliding tray for the keyboard no longer slides swiftly due to rusts and it starting to annoy me. I must find a new computer desk before it totally breaks down. I am eyeing for styles like these in the pictures below.

Corner Computer Desk and Hideaway Computer Desk

I will be glad to have either of these two stylish computer desks. Either of these two will be very useful to me. I am planning to rearrange the placements of furniture in the living room of my apartment and there's one corner that I thought would be a perfect spot for my computer. For that, I need a corner computer desk. On the other hand, the hideaway computer desk looks great for it has rooms for my collection of computer game sets, organizers, books and other computer stuffs. I've been to some furniture stores here in the city already but all that I've found are the common styles. I will look at the mall next week and see if the furniture department there has these styles. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Blue Nokia Phone + Yellow Unisilver Wristwatch

Here's Cheem boasting her wristwatch from Unisilver and Nokia cellphone one night during the sisters' bonding at BRB. Both of them are my gifts to her. The phone was a birthday gift given on May 15 while the watch was a Christmas gift given a couple of days before Christmas last year. 

Here's the closer look. I got the same watch for Cheep too on Christmas and hers is obviously pink. I saved unbelievably 50% off the real price on each watch. So it was like a "buy one take one" deal.
Smiling Sally

Friday, February 10, 2012

Cheep's Boarding Room

I previously talked about Cheep moving out of my apartment before because of our fight. Our fight wasn't just a reason of her moving out though, but it pushed through her plan on moving to a boarding house that's closer to her school earlier than planned. So here's her boarding room.

I visited there once to check how she was and to check if the place is comfortable and safe for her to live alone. She got a nice blue-painted room, which she's trying to turn girly through pink curtain and bedding. It is spacey enough for an average size of bed, a little dining table and for her other things. What I like is that it has its own bathroom. Letting her live alone in a boarding house is teaching her to be independent for she started thinking on how to budget her money for her meals and other stuffs. It is a challenge for her and so far she's doing great.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Our Little Future Chef

Here's Cheep finishing the icing on the cake she baked during her baking class. She brought me some slices of that cake after their class. She's beginning to be good at baking and she's still hoping to be better at it. Just before the semester started, she talked about how excited she was to learn baking. She didn't miss a single baking class so far as she's enjoying it. Whether she'll be a chef or simply a hotel and restaurant crew, she'll be happy with it but she hopes to own and manage her own hotel and restaurant situated by the beach in the future. Dreaming big eh? Why not!?

Monday, February 6, 2012

Hockey, Baseball and Basketball Game Tickets

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Cheem on Computer Games

Here's Cheem while she had fever. She's very well now, thank God. Playing her new favorite computer games Plants vs Zombies and Angry Birds Rio while she was sick had kept her occupied and entertained.

She had so much fun while playing Angry Birds. She kept laughing at the thought that she had to get rid of the naughty monkeys on the other side using a slingshot with the angry birds served as stones. 
Tired with playing Angry Birds, she thought of facing the Zombies. There she was creating a new account. It was her first time playing the game as she didn't give a tad of care about Plants vs Zombies that much being a big time Angry Birds fan. She realized while playing the game formerly mentioned that it is fun to play, even better than Angry Birds games. 

Then Cheep came to the picture helping her big sister fight the zombies. Who wants her sick elder sister's brain's eaten by zombies? It was fun looking at the two while totally engrossed by the game...and taking pictures of them too

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Do Have a Jewelry or Any Gifts on Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, it is time to find gifts for your dates. It would be nice to bring gifts along when going on a Valentine's date right. This is for boys and girls to prepare. It's Valentine's Day, it is not just for a guy to find and bring gifts. As for a woman like me, jewellery and gifts of other kinds would surely be very impressive if a guys handed me one. I found one that I like it. It has to have a butterfly like this below.

To those who are planning to take me out for dinner on Valentine's Day, the above picture would be nice to give me as gift. Lol!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fever Can't Stop Her

Cheem, although had a fever, it didn't stop her from playing computer games. She angered the already Angry Birds and eaten the Zombies' brains before they eat hers. She was still having fever of 38 degrees when she was playing the games alternately. Although it wasn't good for her condition, I didn't stop her for she had a great time playing.

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