Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Personal Injury Solicitor

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cheep Visits With Some Slices of Cake

We were all glad Cheep visited us here in my apartment today. She went here straight from her baking class just to give us some slices of the cake they baked at their school. She was still in her cooking class uniform, the look of her that I missed.  Quickly I picked my camera and took a picture of her. In her hands was a bowl with a few slices of cake. She gave it to me asking me to try hoping I will like it. We then ate together. She said she can now perfect the icing mixture although her cake needs a bit improvement. The talking was just her way of kicking away the tension she felt, I know.

Although she was trying to break the ice between the two us, I can still sense awkwardness in her when talking to me. I am just glad that it is not as much as the first time she visited after our fight and after she moved out. But still she couldn't look at me straight to my eyes. Well, at least the camera she can. And just like before, whenever she needs something from me, she tells it to Cheem first, then Cheem would speak up for her. It makes me sad that I scare my youngest sis that much not to be able to talk to me directly. I have forgiven her already simply because I love her. I even worry about her everyday living alone in her room. But even how much I want her back under my care, I had to stop and let her be so she could learn how it's like being independent. I just hope she'll learn a lesson. 

Anyway, back to the cake my sister baked. The icing tasted good yes but the cake does need improvement for it tasted like a gum to me. Colors pink and green make a pretty combination for an icing. Pink for sure was Cheep's first choice of color for the icing. She made two shades of pink, light and pale. She seemed bored with the color that she added green to make it look lively.   


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Cheep Moves Out

I haven't talked about this bad news yet. I just found it hard talking about it on my blog because the reason of her moving out was our fight. We fought about her lost phone, a Samsung Corby 2, which I got her last year on September. It was actually my phone that I handed down to her because she liked it for a reason it was "pink". She lost it on the night of my birthday in a bar we hanged out. I scolded her and she was mad about it. 

Well yes, she'd been implying about wanting to rent a boarding house that's near her school so she won't be late in going to school but I ignored the implication for it was impractical. I knew she only wanted to be free  from authoritativeness. Our fight had triggered her impulsiveness and moved out from my apartment on the 23rd of December to a boarding house that's only a walking distance from her school. I visited after 3 days of cooling down. She got a room slash kitchen of an average size. It is nice because she has her own bathroom inside. Now the problem, the rent is Php2,500.00 a month. See what her being hardheaded got her into; she signed a one-year contract to rent the room and who else does she run to when she needs the money for rent? Me. I am shaking my head. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Cheem and Pabz in BRB

Chem and Pabz's self shot. This was taken, well, by Cheem on the evening of the January 9 in Balai Resto Bar. I was invited there by a friend for a drink and I took them with me. Anyway, now you have an idea who Pabz is. Pabz has been my great confidante, a best friend since college. He was there during the time I so much needed a friend. One when hubby left. He has never left me, has spoiled me though never failed in giving me a scolding when it's needed. Luckily he has a heart that could understand women's dramas and stuffs. He has a woman's heart lurking in a fit, masculine body. That's why we are friends. Wink! Since Pabz a best friend of mine, he is also to my sisters. He is even close to my brother. He is like a family now.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Who Doesn't Like to Sing?

Filipinos love singing. We, the three Chies are not the exception to it. Videoke bars, if not in the mood for a disco, is the place we like to be at. Here in this city we are currently residing, you can already sing two songs with your five-peso coin. It is the regular rate in any local videoke bars here. To boost the confidence in singing, you might as well load yourself up with a few shots of alcoholic drinks. There are alcoholic drinks that could help you. You can order a tower of beer for more fun and if you prefer hard ones, there are rhum, brandy and vodka. You don't need to study the Music textbooks you have in your home when drunk for alcohols are the easiest way  to bring out your confidence.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The New Sister

I now have a new younger sis. Karen, 23, is Cheem's friend. Talking about how they've became friends is a long story so let's just skip it. Karen is fun to be with so I gladly took her in and treated her as one of my sisters. Besides, I pity her for being far from her family during the holiday season. I've experienced how lonely it is to celebrate the holiday so we told her to just spend the holidays with us. She stayed in my apartment during those times. 
To mark the day when we accepted Karen as one of our sisters, Cheem and Cheep thought of celebrating it. They bought a cake with our names on it. Lovely!
Here we are! To make the day more memorable...well it really was my sisters silly thought...we put four candles on the cake and blew it. Father was the one who took this shot. He was cool at the idea of welcoming a new daughter. He!he! It was fun.

My two real sisters now got silly. They were playing with the icing of the cake by wiping it on each other's face.

Tada! Now here are my three sisters. Welcome to the sisterhood Karen. I warn you not to be a pain in my butt though or I'll spank you like how I do to my sisters. Kidding!

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cheep's Simple B-day Cake

This is Cheep's simple pink birthday cake on her 19th birthday. We were supposed to hold a simple pool birthday celebration for her that day but she'd rather chose to keep the money I saved for her birthday to buy a replacement to her lost phone that she lost in Balai Resto Bar during my little birthday party sponsored by a friend. So instead of getting soaked in a pool, she stayed home rather and enjoyed her pink birthday cake.

Monday, January 2, 2012

When Sisters Learn How To Drive a Bike

Both my sisters have learned how to drive a bike or a motorcycle on their own without my knowledge, even our parents'. Well, as if our parents care. I don't know whoever taught them how to drive. I thought I've known enough for it's the three of us that were always been together. That's why I was surprised when  both of them showed and proved me they can drive the second-hand bike I got about a month ago. I started worrying about them sneaking on the bike's key and drive around the city. I know how hardheaded can they get and the thought of them getting into accident (God forbid) freaks me out. I am just glad they are cautious driving around the busy main street of the city. They would borrow the bike to drive only around the village, which is good. Probably, the news about people they personally know who recently were involved into various accidents helped them be aware that accidents can happen anytime and anywhere regardless how good of a driver you are. It would be lucky if any accidents would only cause light injuries to easily claim compensations but when it comes to life being taken, how much you can claim wouldn't be enough to bring it back.