Westfield TMJ dentist

Growing up in a family with a store, we sisters had full access on candies and chocolates. We grew up surrounded with all the sweets and candies to our indulgence. I remember, there were times when we joined forces to pick some coins off the drawer to buy chocolates in the market when our store is out. There were as well times when we sleep with melting candies in the mouth, which was truly a very bad habit. We are ripping the bad fruit of that bad deed now.

While we were busy ruining our teeth, our parents were more focused on feeding us than taking us to the dentist for dental check-up. So we were really not given dental care then and when toothache attacked, we'll just endure it. But I would say all the faults about us having no perfect teeth and suffering toothache from time to time don't fall on them. We have our share of faults too...more share.

Dental care is one thing we shouldn't deprive ourselves from. I envied those kids nowadays who are given regular dental check-up. Kudos to the parents for being more attentive to their kids' dental health by taking their kids regularly to Westfield TMJ dentist or to other good dentists near them. I believe that delicious foods taste more delicious when the teeth are strong and healthy. I knew that kind of taste when I was twelve; during those days when teeth were strong and healthy. Well now, not anymore.


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