Hanging Out With Cheep's Friends

I got to like hanging out with Cheep's friends. During the last few months in Dipolog City, I hanged out with them the most. It was during the time when I got fed up with my own friends, or when I simply got tired hanging out with them and dealing with their BS. Yes, I had those kinds of friends too apart from the few good ones.

Anyway, hanging out with Cheep's group of friends that's mostly comprised of her HRIM classmates made me feel like a teen too. Come to think of it, I am the shortest and although I am the Ate or the big sister in the group, I feel like I am the babiest because they made me feel like it too.

Here's my pictures with Cheep and her sweet friend.

We are healthy, aren't we? Hehe...Yours truly with Analyn. I miss her goofiness. Kong sa Bisaya pa, sabay kaayo!

Here are the Videoke Queens.

Oh my I missed those times when we have the microphone all for ourselves to the other costumers' dismay. When it is our turn, we all would line up in from the TV and sing like we are having a concert. We share lines in every song so what we do is we pass the microphone to one another.

I am sharing this to 366 Blog Photo Challenge.


  1. aw sounds like u had so much fun Chie. oi give chance to others. hahaha lol

    from BPC!

  2. Sis Chie, you look like you are part of the HRM students and your sister's friends :-) You all look cute together :-) I miss singing the videoke :-( wish I have done that when I was in Pinas :-( Thank you again Sis Chie for joining the BPC, do appreciate ite mwah :-)

  3. Looks so fun, gwaps! I miss bonding with my sisters coz I am always the baby when we do. :)

    BPC hopping! Thanks for clearing out the malware! ;-)

  4. Yes, it's always fun when we hang out with the teens! here for december 4 bpc, chie! ;)

  5. that's so true, you'd feel young when you're with the young ones. hehehe.. line up jud?? i can imagine the fun you had! super duper 339 BPC hop!

  6. I miss this kind of fun back home, hanging out at the kareoke dayon sing-al to the max


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