Cheem And Her Bike

Cheem was the second Santa Claus on the eve of December 24, this year. She arrived with Budoy right before 12 midnight with more gifts for the kids. We didn't really feel the joy of Christmas though because by 12 midnight, the world was asleep. The street was empty, and the silence was deafening. It was because the tradition here in this part of the world where we are is changed. The Catholic church who is a strong believer of the tradition changed it. So instead of welcome the savior's birth at 12 midnight, it happened at nine in the evening after the mass. Just funny. It was Christmas no more. So yes, next Christmas we are not gonna celebrate it.

Anyway, I have nothing sense-ful to share today so let me just share Cheem and her bike. This is how Cheem's bike looks like right now. She is still having the Angry Birds' fever. 23 - her and her ex's monthsary date. It seems like the ex still have a spot in her heart. Lol! Can't get over?

Previously, this is how her bike looks like. There was that big 69 in the front. She scratched it off later for a reason people are raising eyebrows on it.

I would like to thank her for the Christmas/Birthday gifts she got for me. I received a jumpsuit and a cool sleeveless top from her.


  1. yay! that is the coolest bike ever Sis Chie :-) be safe driving to your Sis and always wear a helmet :-) Hope that you and your beautiful sisters had a blast on Christmas day :-) Thank you for sharing this to BPC

  2. wow, what a cool bike! my son has that angry birds fever too! same here, chie! mingaw kaayo ang Christmas! here for bpc hop!

  3. Motorbiker/rider diay pud si Cheem! Very convenient mode of transportation but dangerous as well. Hers is cool-looking gwaps!

    BPC hop here!


  4. very nice bike!

    bisita ko ha from BPC. ug na late ang beauty. hehe


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