Because There Is No Other Colors

This is not like her. Pink is just something that doesn't appeal much to her. So I was surprised when last week, she visited with this pink sling bag that she got cheaply for only a couple of hundreds and plus. When I asked her why pink? She answered "because there was no other colors available". I told you. She doesn't like pink that much unless she has no choice. If it was Cheep, I didn't need to ask. Anyway, Cheem must like this sling bag so much to grab it despite the color.


  1. that is a cute sling pink bag of your sister Sis Chie :-) just like she is pretty too :-) Thank you Sis Chie for joining yesterday's BPC

  2. I love that bag! It looks good on her, even if she doesn't like the color! :) I just bought my new crossbody/sling bag kay type pud naku these days. :)

    BPC hop!

  3. i think its cute! it goes with her shirt. black and pink goes together beautifully. =)

    from BPC!

  4. that's pretty! I love pink! :) here for bpc, chie!

  5. hahaha least like color d i niya ang pink. before i don't like much the pink color because i thought it did not fit with my skin complexion and i am not that girl-ish. but when i got preggy with my kikay i fell in love with pink. The bag looks nice though


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