What Are They Playing?

Here's the two playing a game on Xbox. They were playing the Soul Calibur II and they were quite engrossed to it. I took this shot using my old phone, a Samsung Galaxy Ace, the one that I lost some months ago. I uploaded this photo on instagram. Cheep was quite fast in a striking a pose in between the serious fight of their chosen heroes on TV while Cheem didn't mind my camera. It was a fight between Talim, played by Cheem and Cassandra, played by Cheep. I like Talim!

Looking at this photo of my sisters who were so engrossed playing an Xbox game just inspired me more to win the Xbox Holiday Bundle Giveaway. It would be great to replace our old Xbox console to a new Xbox 360 or might as well add it up to my rack. That way, the four of us siblings won't be fighting over one Xbox. If you as well want to take the prize home, come check the giveaway and join.

I am sharing this to 366 Blog Photo Challenge.


  1. Awww! Sis Chie you have two beautiful sisters :-) One is serious and one is striking a post...too cute :-) My son likes Xbox but we only have the
    Wii. Dropping by for BPC :-)

  2. aw look at them so engrossed. lol. it must be a good game that Cheem didnt bother to pose. its good candid shot though. =)

    BPC hopping here..

  3. An XBox is sure a perfect gift for these two lovely chicks come holidays! Grabe jud nila ka-seryoso. Kinsay nidaug gwaps? :D

    Late BPC hop here!

  4. hahaha this looks like a serious business. playing games can be addicting

    bpc hop


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