We Are Very Okay

I have a friend neighbor (kuno) who's always curious about us sisters. She always ask questions like: 

"why I don't see you bond often?", "are you guys fighting?", "I heard you're in a fight, are you guys okay now?", "why I don't see Cheem here very often", "where's Cheep?", "why I don't see you lately?" and lots more! 

She's just too nosy about us and she doesn't like it when we are happy. She always asks the "are you guys okay?" question. Confused as to where she got the idea that I and my sisters aren't okay, in knitted forehead I'll just reply "We are very much, okay! Why, did we fight?" with a smirk and a little shake of the head. Lol! 

We, sisters have a very awesome relationship. We love each other. We understand each other. We admire each other. We appreciate each other. We criticize each other. We give and accept advise to/from each other. There are times we fight, yes, but it will not take a day for us to reconcile simply because we know how to accept our mistakes and we know how to ask forgiveness. To those who doesn't like us and doesn't like seeing us happy can only go green with envy and go red with anger

This is our latest bonding. We strolled around town looking out for some fiesta left-overs. We planned on riding the Ferris wheel but Cheep disliked the idea remembering the last time when Cheem and I almost had a heart attack as the wheel rolled up and down. We were scared to death and Cheep really had a hard time calming us down in her somewhat panicky voice "Ate, it is okay. Don't look down. Just look at me and scream!" That was very embarrassing!

We went home after the stroll. We stayed outside the house for a few for some fresh air. I snapped these photos of my younger sisters below. They were busy with their phones; passing ringtones and photos through bluetooth.
It was another fun bonding for us. Later that night, Cheem and Budoy drove back to Dipolog while Cheep stayed for the night. I am linking this to 366 Blog Photo Challenge hosted this month by Rcel at SAHM Collections.


  1. Other people can be so nosy at times. That's great that your relationship with your sister is doing great :)

  2. i miss the sister bonding. we used to have plenty of those but now that we are continents apart bihira nalang

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  3. I like how you three Chies have an awesome relationship. Naa jud mga people nga mamantay ra ang gawa gwaps! :D Katawa ko sa inyong ferries wheel experience. :D

    BPC hop!

  4. because u guys go out at night. hahaha.. and ur neighbor doesnt see u during the day. kuk. i hate it when people ask me questions like that. i find it very irritating and so chismosa. lol.

    from BPC

  5. Sis Chie, you and your sisters are beautiful :-) I always like to read your sister bonding moment :-) It makes me sad coz when I was little, always bond with my other two sisters :-( Now that we are married, we cannot spend time together :-( Returning late from BPC :-)


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