Thursday, November 15, 2012

Unilab Package Delivery Story

My package from Unilab containing a box (100 capsules) of Conzace multivitamins + Conzace golf umbrella arrived today very early in the morning at 5. Barely awake since I only slept an hour before the postman arrived, I happily received it.
The shipping used was 3-way Cargo Transport, Inc. The origin of the package is Manila. When the postman arrived in Zamboanga City, he sent me a text message saying he just arrived there. So I was like, personal delivery - door to door? And he added he'll personally deliver the package the next day. I know it takes 8 hours to travel from Zamboanga City to where I am, so it must have been hard on the postman's part but well, it is his job.

The Funny Story
During that day we were texting each other regarding the Unilab package, he kept calling me "sir". He was thinking that "Rechie" is a man. When he arrived at my door early today, he was very shock to see a lady "Rechie" welcoming him with the messed up hair and a just-got-off-the bed barely awake look. He was like "you're Rechie?" with his pretty big eyes widened. I only replied with a nod and a smile.

He had a lot of questions while I was receiving the package like "ahente po kayo ma'am?", "pa'no po kayo nakakatanggap nito?" I only answered with a look to his eyes and a slight smile, which I meant "sorry but I won't answer your questions", which I thought he understood.

When the package is finally in my hand, I excitedly opened it. I as well checked the umbrella and found out that there is Conzace multivitamins printed on it. I was so happy to have finally received these free gifts. I took a capsule of multivitamins today after a meal.

I am sharing this to 366 Blog Photo Challenge hosted by gwaps Rcel.


  1. Haha! I can just imagine the look on the postman's face gwaps when he realized nga pagkagwapa nga babae man diay si Rechie! ;-) good for you for receiving those free stuff. Unilab is such a trusted manufacturing company!

    BPC hop! Thanks for joining gwaps!

  2. wow so early for them to deliver it. if its me.. i might throw a rock at him for waking me up so early. kuk! just kidding.

    from BPC!

  3. yay for free stuff! funny imaginon ang reaction sa nag deliver!

    bpc hop