To Celebrate Our Birthdays on Christmas Day, Not

Christmas is fast approaching. This also means that we should be fast in saving for the holiday preparation too. Christmas, even with the current economic crisis we are facing, we have to have at least a dish or two on our table on Christmas day to commemorate that birthday of our Savior. Speaking of birthday, two of The Three Chies will be celebrating birthdays on December; me (Chie) and Cheep.

Just last Saturday, Cheep and I debated on whether we will hold a separate celebration for ourselves or just do what we are used to; to celebrate it together on Christmas day. That way we can save a lot on the expenses. It will be a three- in-one celebration; our birthdays (Dec.22 and 27 and Christmas). Cheep insisted we should do it differently this time.It's been a long time since we celebrated our birthday on our real birthday. Cheep's murmuring maybe she'll forget her real birthday and will totally get used to celebrate it on the 25th. I understand her but well, it will depend on the budget.


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