Simple And Straight to the Point

A simple and straight to the point statement is more effective in getting a message across to the listener or reader's mind than a long discursive speech. This should be applied in disciplining a child, giving out instructions, teaching lessons, supplying information, presenting an explanation, asking a question and of course, in marketing a service or a product.

Nowadays, one way businesses use in promoting their products and services is through email and newsletter as it is through it only they can reach a global audience. Everyday, I receive various emails and newsletters from various companies. Most of those go straight to my spam box but I do give a few a chance to be read. Those that use short, simple but brilliant marketing strategy oftentimes catch my attention.

In today's ways of selling out products and services, a simple and straight to the point marketing strategy is proven effective. It was pinpointed in an article I read earlier how Simple Brilliant Marketing catches buyers or consumers' attention easily, attracting them to make a purchase or two. Buyers do not like a long speech from a company praising their products. A simple but direct message, containing only that is easily understood; a direct message of what a company is trying to say and what a product is about should be enough.


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