Rose Table Napkin Fold

This is a late post. Cheep was busy practicing table napkin folds months ago. I can't recall what month exactly but I think it was June or August. Each student of their HRIM class (third year) were to demonstrate different table napkin folds. Cheep was of course, included. She went though a lot of online researching for the different ways of folding table napkins. She referred to online tutorials, preferably video presentations, to be able to master the different folds. It was taught in school actually but she forgot.  Fortunately, searching for ways to fold a table napkin into a very presentable one was made easy with Internet. Internet has always been a big help to her.

So during those days, as it was nearing the date for their graded demonstration, she doubled her efforts to familiarize all the folds. Everytime she went home, she would practice the different ways of folding table napkins. One that she mastered was rose table napkin fold shown above.


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