Playing Skipping Rope

Hmn, skipping rope models?
The younger sisters were acting silly and childish one day. They borrowed our little cousin's pink skipping rope and the two of them played or jumped together in it. Later they called me out to join them, which I did. We then played some games using skipping rope just as how we did when we were kids. Do you still remember the song or chant in one of the skipping rope games that goes "itapon ang tsinelas, kunin ang tsinelas"? We played that game. Lol! It was good to sweat that way while feeling the fun of being a kid again.

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  1. hehhehe...kalingaw...I miss playing that game....ka prettyness jud ning imong mga sisters sis...liwat sa magulang...hahhaa!

    BPC hop!

  2. oh, i miss the skipping rope, i was good then! I guess now I don't have the energy to skip rope anymore.

    bpc hop

  3. I was not very good with the skipping rope as a kid but still I enjoyed it :)

  4. can i play can i hehe ka sweet sa mag sissy, it reminds me before when me and other sibs still living in minglanilla.

  5. hahaha. that game suddenly came to my mind. naa pa toy lain ba aside anang itapon ang tsinelas. pastilan, master kaayo ko anang dulaa sauna. karon di na ko ka-ambak. waaaaaa! lol

    bpc hop. thanks for joining gwaps!

  6. ka gwapa sa mga sister oi. skipping rope is good for your heart and metabolism sis.

    from BPC!


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