Our Future Bartender, Maybe?

Cheep is now in 3rd year of her HRM course, and with God's grace, she'll soon graduate. We are so proud of her because among us siblings, she endured the hardship of being a student and continued on. She may be the youngest but I think she is the strongest among us all.

Anyway, I saw these photos of her with her classmates in my computer's picture folder. It's nice looking all of them in their uniform. This set of uniform is just one of the three. They have other two sets; the checkered green  that they use when cooking or when they are inside their school's cooking laboratory and the dark gray that they use on regular classes. This uniform they wear in the photos I think is worn when they are assigned to serve foods and drinks to the guests during school affairs or when they have a bar-tending class. 
Can you spot my sister in the picture? Well, s'ya ang pinakagwapa sa mga girls mao nga gipadala siya og pitsel. KUK!


  1. Hahahaha!! the pitsil girl. I thought so... and my guess was right! KUK! very nice uniform for them sis.. neat kaayo. Thanks for joining WW!

  2. wow, you'll soon have an HRM graduate. I'm sure she'll go places. Something really to be proud of. Cheep is beautiful even with the pitsil. :)

  3. Awww! Cheep is looking so elegant in her uniform Sis Chie :-) My niece is also a graduate of HRM :-) She is beautiful just like you Sis Chie :-) Returning the visit for WW


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