Sunday, November 11, 2012

Cool Cellphone Cover and Stand in One

My little cousins love using my BB phone in taking pictures. Oh how I like watching them posing model-like poses before my phone's camera! Even the young ones, Momay and Small, love it too; doing the cute poses like poking their chicks with forefingers while giving out their cutest smile for the camera. It was fun watching them. There were times they were fighting, racing to be the first to use my phone and take some self snaps. 

Because of that, my BB was abused. There were times they accidentally dropped the phone and abusively pressed the screen that resulted to touchscreen malfunction sometimes. Not to mention the scratches on the phone due to dropping and harsh-handling. So I thought of buying a screen protector and a cellphone cover but those aren't available here in little town. The better option I thought of was to purchase online.

I did some online window shopping earlier to look for those much-needed protection for my phone when i stumbled into an online shop that sells cellphone accessories including covers. Sweet! So I went on the searching and this one caught my attention.

It is a cell phone cover for iPhone5. It is the catchy, quite unique design that caught my attention. It features  a skull print with a hanging tongue that serves as a stand. It is a cellphone cover and a cellphone stand in one. How awesome! Being a lover of metal music, I came to like cool, metal rocker styles that includes skulls, which usually metal music lovers collect. I thought of getting something like this for my BB! The search went on but unfortunately, this design is made only for iPhone 5. If you have that kind of phone and fond on stuffs like this, you might want this for a cellphone cover. Purchasing this gives you a cellphone stand as bonus.


  1. I like collecting cell covers...I get bored with one,lol...will check this out

  2. Gotta protect that gadget of yours Sis Chie b4 the little cuties will ruin it forever :-) I am sure that you can find the perfect and adorable cell phone cover from that Website :-)

  3. that is indeed unique :D but i'm not fond of skulls design, I'm sure a lot of teenagers would buy casing something like this. Dropping phones happened to us a lot especially when our kids play with our phones.

  4. I like to buy iphone cases... In fact I have like 7 cases though I can't use them all at once haha I like that cases but takot ako baka matakot mga anak ko;)