Conzace For Heavy Duty Immunity

My mother is a woman on the go. It may be harsh to say but she’s like a machine who’s working hard every single day just to provide for her family. Her only rest is at night to sleep. Her daily routine includes waking up very early in the morning, opening/watching her store until evening while doing the chores like cleaning the house and cooking meals. Sometimes she goes to nearby towns and comes home with sacks of fruit crops and vegetables to either sell or use to her cooking. I grew up knowing her being a busy mother and an enduring wife to her drunkard husband.

Now, after two months of living back in our house, I realized she is even busier since she takes additional responsibility to four children; her kind of adopted kids. I am happy that she stays stronger and healthier as ever. She doesn't even age; instead, she has a youthful glow. I asked her of her secret and it is none other than Conzace, which she has been taking for more than a year now.

Conzace gives superior white blood cells for heavy duty immunity

Conzace is known to be the most prescribed multivitamin by doctors for years. It acts as a source to obtaining heavy duty immunity that our body needs. It has formula to make stronger white blood cells. And having stronger white blood cells only means stronger immunity. A Conzace capsule is in a form of soft gelatin and is packed with essential vitamins and minerals our body needs namely Zinc(25mg) and Vitamins C (500mg), A (5,000 IU) and E (100 IU).

Oftentimes, we rely only on Vitamin C to boost our immunity but hey, it is not enough. Vitamin C only helps in developing our body’s soldiers, which are the white blood cells, maturing them and boosting their strength to fight the sickening germs and bacteria that get in our body.

Now with Conzace that is complete with (1) Vitamin C that develops white blood cells, (2) Vitamin A that assists in the normal reproduction and maintenance of healthy cells, (3)Vitamin E – an antioxidant that protects cell membranes and improves blood flow and (4) Zinc that replenishes or produces white blood cells in our body, what else could we ask for? It is a complete protection and supplement to our health!

Zinc, I must say, plays a major role and knowing Conzace contains the highest level of Zinc made this multivitamin even more effective. Do you know that along with the growth of the new cells comes the nutrients that keep our skin healthy. It is what Zinc does. It also takes charge in keeping our skin healthy and beautiful, kicking away skin problems like acne, sealing up wounds and cuts faster and repairing other skin damages. Many have proven it and I myself can attest basing on my mother’s glowing, acne-free skin due to her more-than-year Conzace experience.

You can take a capsule of Conzace everyday either in the morning or in the evening. My mother likes taking a capsule every morning after breakfast (it is advised to take Conzace after a meal) for as she said, it keeps her energized all day. Taking a capsule at night I heard is also good because it helps you sleep well. Knowing all these made me so eager to start adding a capsule of Conzace in my daily life. I will be starting very soon!

You too can! Start using Conzace  now for a heavy duty immunity!You can buy Conzace at Mercury, Watson’s and other drugstores for a suggested retail price of Php12.40 per capsule. Get in the know and be updated with latest news on Conzace by liking the page on Facebook:


  1. i wasn't much into vitamins until i felt i needed them. for now, i'm taking Vit C and Vit B complex..

  2. sounds like a good multivitamins. I never heard it though. i will check it out

  3. this vitamin sounds great sissy. might check this out since I'm really in need of vitamins to help me out on my busy life here.

  4. You seem to have one remarkable mom, gwaps! My mom used to live with a drunkard husband, too. Before my papa quit smoking, according to my mom, he was a terrible drunkard. I wasn't able to witness it though because when I was born, my dad has already stopped smoking. Kudos to your mom for being such a healthy and strong woman! I wish her long life and more happiness ahead. :)

  5. I did not take any vitamins only hubby and my eldest son. But many people are taking vitamins...

  6. Both my parents need vitamins to keep do the activity they used to do.

  7. that's good sis that your mother is maintaining this supplement for her body. taking vitamins always help in boosting our immune system.

  8. wow i never heard of it but it's good to know that they already have a supplement for hard busy working mothers these days! I bet this is also good for blogging? heheheh...

  9. I need to take my vitamins, I only remember them when i'm having cramps... coz of potassium defficiency


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