At Manukan Disco

Last night was our first night out since I moved back in Manukan. It was the town's fiesta and as expected, there held a disco in the town's sport center.  The entrance ticket was 20 pesos per person. The place was packed with disco goers, from youngsters to oldies. Oh how people in Manukan crave and thirst for disco as it happens very seldom! I crave too...I crave for the morning-the-night part in the city.

Of course, we the three Chies went to party too. We only paid half of the ticket price (wink). Budoy, Cheem's bf or better describes as her "alalay" went with us too.

Below is the only picture of me taken that night with sisters...

It was good to be in that kind of night party again. Although it wasn't as fun as Fusebox, BRB, Fatcat and Club Centro night out, I still had a lot of fun drinking beer with my sisters and watching everyone showing off their different disco moves on the dance floor.

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  1. awww! miss going to the disco....that looks fun Sis Chie :-) Dropping by from BPC

  2. would you believe it gwaps? i have never experienced going to a disco ever! but hey, don't think i am not normal. I am completely fine. lol. at least, walay mga baynte pesos na-sayang naku sa entrance. hahaha. my friends used to invite me all the time, and even suitors. pero wala lang jud ko nadani. :d

    bpc hop! thanks for your constant join gwaps!

  3. weee!!! gi mingaw nuon ko ug disco da! kuk! i used to go like every wednesday kay ladies night out lagi. hay ka lami dyud.. those were the days. karon wa na dyud! atay... kuk

    from BPC!

  4. it is always fun to attend fiesta's disco. it is also where you can see all the people that you haven't seen in ages.

    bpc hop


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