7 Signs You're In Love

Love's First Sign - An Overpowering Magnetic Attraction
Love's first blush can be a softly tinkling chime or thunderous clanging gong. Love often begins like a bolt of lightening for some individuals. Subtle, amazingly powerful, magnetic attractions develop into an overpowering desire for an exchange of emotions. This is one of the seven signs you're in love. Individuals find magnetic attraction so powerful, it often feels emotionally debilitating until the first words between two people are spoken.

Love's Second Sign - Mystical Nuances
There's something mystical about the nuances that attract two people to each other. They may be perfect strangers meeting in passing in a crowd. Still, it seems as if destiny and a certain mystical nuance draws two people together at a specific time in a specific place. Many of the world's greatest love stories have the element of these mystical nuances.

Love's Third Sign - A Life Changing Experience
Without doubt, falling in love is a life-changing experience. Even after the initial phases of attraction wane, love's third sign, a life changing experience, is obvious to both parties. Everything feels as if it has changed from a dull, insipid existence to a brilliant dream state of euphoria and happiness.

The Fourth Sign You Are in Love - Desire For Oneness
The ultimate desire to be at one with another human being with whom lovers can share their lives reaches to the very depths of human nature. The desire to be at one with a soulmate with whom you can share your past, present and future is the fourth sign you're in love. The desire for oneness usually follows a phase of serious contemplation, evaluation and deep consideration of the soul mate chosen.

The Fifth Sign - Physical Changes
Love adds happiness and a kind of buoyancy, energy and strength to every person who has met the love of their life. All of the moods of monotony and boredom are suddenly vacated by a refreshing, light attitude, smiles and feelings of new-found energy and interest in life in general. Love physically changes both individuals in a relationship by encouraging elevated perspective on health, appearance and habits.

Interdependency - The Sixth Sign of Love
In every love relationship, the enormous differences in personality, coupled with childhood upbringing and environments, become a large part of interdependency. In some love relationships, the intolerant learn to expand their levels of tolerance and understanding of the need for growth of the relationship between two people. Love always emphasizes personal characters of each lover through a heightened sense of emotional fulfillment and need. Both lovers need to trust in each other in order to protect the future development of their relationship. Trust is the basis of dependency. It's always easier to trust those we love and to rely on them to understand our needs and desires. A love relationship that has lasting possibilities is one that allows the balance of dependency to be flexible to accommodate each lover's needs.

The Seventh Sign of Love - Deep Abiding Respect
It can be said that respect is the mirror image of true love. Respect is the seventh sign you are in love. It is only possible to love those to whom we can accord a deep, abiding respect. Respect, in reality, is love. This is also one of the best signs that two people can travel their shared lifetimes on a course built upon a respectful love that grows freely with the passing of each year they remain together. Lovers can trust and depend on those they respect most. Respect is the essence of true love.

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  1. I guess I felt all these signs. But the very first thing came to me was, I felt a deep crush on my husband the very first time I saw him (photo) from a dating site. :)


  2. A well written article! I love the mystical nuances part!

  3. The seventh sign of love mentioned here is the most difficult to achieve when there is no real love existing.

  4. i definitely experienced all of this and even until now. I'm so in love with my husband :D and i always tell him that too. He loves hearing it though

  5. ohh the signs are right...so I am in love..hehehehe

  6. Parang na experience ko na to dati.. Wew!! Sarap talaga ma inlove

  7. Are there really such signs? I think one can't really determine that unless they're over it. It's hard to distinguish it if you're on your way to being inlove with someone.

  8. I experienced all those too and I what we always tell each other is to respect each other's wishes. :-)

  9. Being in love is really a magical and strong feeling where a person changes physically from being dull to blooming.

  10. Sometimes people experience the overpowering magnetic reaction to a person but they are not in love to that person.

  11. Oh how beautiful! It is a wonderful feeling when you are inlove. It is one magical feeling that when you finally love someone, somehow your days are always beautiful. :)


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