We Have A Backpacker

It is Cheep, the backpacker. Lol! She arrived yesterday with Cheem. She'll be staying here with us for two weeks for reasons it is already their semestral break and she has a two-week dentist appointment.

Cheep's pretty Cosé backpack. 

Cheep has some teeth that need to be pulled and mama decided for her to just see a dentist here than in Dipolog wherein no one can take care of her since it is far. It will be Cheep's first time to see a dentist so mother was quite cautious. I still remember back then when I got my teeth pulled for the first time, she didn't allow me to even carry a glass of water (kay mabughat daw). Do you agree? Well, mother knows best.

Anyway, mother did took Cheep to the dentist today. It was funny because when it was already her turn, the doctor backed out after seeing Cheep looking so pale and sweaty. Cheep said she got scared looking at the hammers. Lol! So the doctor just prescribed her two sets of medicines today and rescheduled the pulling for tomorrow. I hope it will be a success.


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