Rent a Book and Save a Smile

I remember the days when I used to stop at the municipal library after school to read books. Even when my mother would scold me for coming home late, never in a day that I missed going to that library, except during those few instances when i needed to go home early. Renting the books then weren't allowed as I remember but you can read as much books as you want inside the library.

Earlier, I ran into that supports the cause Operation Smile. It features "renting a book for a cause".  For all college students and even those who simply love reading books to add to their bucket of knowledge, this is something you can benefit from while at the same time help save a smile or a life.

Here are FAQ's:

Why rent a book at Campus Book Rentals? Here are some perks when you rent a book:
 -you can save 40-90% off of bookstore prices
 -shipping is free both ways
-you can highlight in the textbooks
 -there is a flexible renting period
-we donate to Operation Smile with each textbook rented
-and etc.

Come visit the site now and browse on their list of books and textbooks for rent. For accounting students or for those who want to add more accounting knowledge to their heads, I suggest renting Financial Accounting textbook by Spiceland, J. David and Thomas Wayne.

Renting a book from Campus Book Rentals is easy. You can simply order or rent the book online, receive it in your mailbox, use it and then when done, return it. Simply repeat the process when renting another book.

What are you waiting for? Save a life now by renting a book - through it you are supporting Operation Smile that helps putting a smile on anyone in need.


  1. i remember my high school days when i'm a heavy renter of books, now i buy them if i have time to read.

  2. Renting books is really helpful, back in college I only bought mine, had we the option to rent, I should have done so!

  3. i have tried renting a book online before. It is easy and very cheap too compare to new and even used books. I truly recommend this service.

  4. this are great info for those students out there. but i think with the advancement of technology, textbooks and books has become outdated these days

  5. When we were in highschool I always visit the library and borrow books:) i didnt know we could do that online now:)

  6. This will help students to save thanks for the info...

  7. Book rentals are perfect especially for students that cannot afford to buy new books. What a great way for the kids to learn and be successful :-)

  8. very helpful post for book lovers... thanks for sharing sis

  9. Book rentals can be an answer if the books you want to buy is really expensive.


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