Pool Time In Mibang Hotel

Where was this at? The happy-go-lucky sister again went somewhere? It was my first thought upon seeing this picture tagged on her FB wall.
Actually, she didn't go somewhere because this picture was only taken in Dipolog. I think now that she is settled with her current bf, her horns are cut down to wander around like she used to do. This picture actually was taken when I was still in Dipolog City. It was the day when her then UK-based bf visited the country again. This was taken inside a room in Mibang Hotel. 
Later that night, the younger sister's bf call the family out for dinner and night swimming after. Oh, I can still imagine their excitement as they prepared their swim wears. The little sisters had a lot of fun swimming after the dinner while I as well had a lot of fun watching them. It was unfortunate that my period visited me that very day. Here are the two enjoying the water.  
I've been to Mibang Hotel several times but only to dine, to drink or sing videoke, and to play pool with friends. I've never stayed overnight in there yet as the place is just near my house and apartment in Dipolog. I've never even tried swimming in their swimming pool yet.

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  1. Imong two sisters liwat sa imo, sexy:)Too bad you were not able to join them..

    Thank's for joining, bpc!

  2. the sexy ladies in a cool splash are such an inviting scene! that was unfortunate that your visitor visited you gwaps bisan unwanted sya. lol.

    bpc hop!

  3. Hehehe, I know the feeling but there's always a next time sis.

    BPC visit

  4. I have never been to Dipolog and in fact I have never to a lot of places in the Philippines yet. Oh how I miss the Pinas! :) You all are lovely ladies. :) Talangang magsuon jud da. :)

  5. maau magkasundo kaau mo sa imong mga igsuon sis. sus kami sa akong manghud murag ering ug iro! kuk!

    from BPC


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