Missing The Halloween Party In The City

It is Halloween already, are you done putting up your Halloween decorations in your home? I am sure many of you already did all the Halloween stuffs including pumpkin carving and candy preparation for the trick or treat. Having mentioned that, I am sure the kids by now are overly excited to receive buckets of candies. Of course, they are also excited to wear their cute Halloween costume that themselves or their parents picked for them this year.
Here at home, there is no sign of Halloween as we don't celebrate it here in this little village but Dipolog City does. Dipolog city was my previous home; it is just an hour drive from where I live now. Halloween party is celebrated in there. I and Cheem as I vividly remember even took part in the Halloween celebration back then when we were still in college through putting up some scary and funny dorm d├ęcor like wall posters. Although those decors weren't from Spencer's, I assure you those gave our classmates a bit of scare.

Oh how I miss the city! How I miss partying there, especially during a fun Halloween Night with my sisters. I am sure all the bars in there right now are decorated with freaky decorations. There will be Halloween costume party here and there. I remember last year there was a Halloween party at my favorite bar wherein a customer who wore the scariest costume, a human skeleton, won some cash and beer towers. That was fun!


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