Good Girl's Photo Shots

My little cousins run to me one day boasting Chizka's good girl's photo shots (daw). They showed me these pictures below.
Pictures of my youngest sister with Chizka facing the camera. 

Using my phone, the little cousins attempted taking pictures of Chizka facing the camera without being forced. Below were some of their attempts. It took them several tries before capturing their so-called "Chizka's good girl" shot. 

Chizka can't really be still when something catches her attention. And knowing there were few kids playing on the road, outside our house that day, she sure was spastic, wanting to join the game the kids played.
I am linking this to 366 Blog Photo Challenge hosted by Family's Daily Adventure.


  1. I super love the first picture....she looks like Buddy....joke!

  2. Ay, pagka cute nila sis..Good thing that with so many attempts it finally work:) Good Chizka..

  3. Hahaha! Good girl poses, indeed, of Chizka gwaps! Makalingaw man na imong gwapa nga doggy diha oi!

    BPC hop!

  4. Haha.. what a pretty name for a doggie.. :) Great poses!
    Here for BPC hop..

  5. She has a very cute puppy. mao ni inyong youngest chie, gwapa sd.

  6. aw.. your sister is very pretty like her ate. maau kay nag good girl si chizka

    from BPC!


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