V2 Cigs- We understand your requirements

Man gets addicted to those things which are a source of providing him pleasure or mental relaxation in any way. This source can be anything like sleeping pills, drugs, wine etc. Smoking is one of the most common addictions all over the world. We all know the harmful effects of chain-smoking and some health organizations are working hard to reduce the use of cigarettes. But according to a survey, 70% fails to quit this habit.

Cigarette manufacturing companies started to focus on producing such cigarettes which has least harmful chemicals and failed to lesser it. But v2 cigarette has solved the problem and is been declared as the cigarette with no side-effects. That is the reason behind why people after using it themselves, mostly recommend it to others. V2 cig reviews also make listeners or readers attracted towards the brand which suits them the most.

V2 cigs- An Introduction

V2 cigs are vapor cigarettes with rechargeable batteries. There are two main parts in it i-e its battery and savor cartridge. Savor cartridge, as the name indicates works to minimize the harms of smoke that you are going to inhale. The cartridge includes E-liquid, a water mixture, through which smoke passes. Hence all the harmful chemicals are cleaned there. Nicotine, propylene glycerin and flavorings are inside the cartridge. You don’t have to clean it regularly because of its built-in atomizer which will do this job automatically. This innovation is ruling over the electronic cigarette industry because of the ravishing and user friendly technology.

V2 cigs-A must know before you use

The cartridge contains e-liquid in it which can provide its users 150-200 puffs but it can vary according to the severity of puffs. There is one pack of cigarette inside each cartridge. You have to change the cartridge when you feel that the taste is getting bitter and burned. Replace the old with a fresh one in order to get pleasurable puffs again.

Keep an eye on the battery consumption, recharge it when you see it blinking as it is the indicator that battery is low. The batter y usually runs for more than a week but can vary depending in the use of the cigarette. V2 cigs review also confirms that it has a long battery life. You don’t have to charge it for long because it only takes 1-2 hours to charge completely. While charging, a red light will blink and blue appears showing that battery is charged fully.

V2 cig recommends that in order to get strength of flavor and right combination, start with the low puffs. Hardness of cigarette is dependent on the amount of flavor you add. If you don’t like hard, then you may add less flavor than usually. Mostly beginners start with soft puffs. You can enjoy multiple flavors in single cigarette also depending on your taste. V2 cig reviews strongly recommend that you go for the whole kit for that purpose. Moreover, it is also available in menthol and red flavor.

Author’s Bio: Sophia Kinsella is a content writer. she loves to write on V2 cig reviews. According to her one of its main advantages is that it is the most affordable quality brand around the world with latest technology.


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