Blogging From An Internet Cafe

Finally, I am now in my home place. The moving of stuffs truly was very stressing. We endured too much pressure added to the stress, not to mention exhaustion. It took me three days to fix my stuffs in place. I haven't actually finished yet but good thing, there is only a few things left. It can wait.

For now,  I am still waiting for my Internet Connection to be relocated to my new place. I can't wait to have my Internet connection back because I have a lot of things to do. It is always like this. When I have no connection or when there are lots for things that I need to prioritize it's when online blessings come rushing in.

Just like today, I am thankful that I am given a chance and time to visit one of the internet cafes here in our place. And as expected, I do have a lot of articles to write and to post, a few DA's to negotiate with..and sadly, I have no Internet connection yet!


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