Are We Going?

A friend tagged me this on my FB wall.
Haist, Gangnam Style is quite a hit in the city right now. 
It was just like yesterday when the music Teach Me How Dougie captured the soul of the city's party goers, who were enthusiastically dancing along the Dougie beat doing the Dougie moves. 
Now here comes the hilarious Gangnam Style!

So, are we going?

Being a party-goer and a drunkard (who cares?), I definitely want to go and witness the Gangnam Style Battle. I want to find out who will be the hottest Oppa to do the hilarious dance moves? Oh, it will surely be fun!

Sept. 22, by the that date I'll already be in Manukan but hopefully when the budget will not be that tight, I along with siblings could party-out Gangnam Style in Dipolog City's newest bar Big Slick. I hope to be there to get a Free CD definitely...and...and some free beer too. 


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