4 Phone Marketing Tips for Achieving Sales Target

The concept of phone marketing to sell out the products and services is not a new one. It is popular from the sales point of view. But as sales professional you know how hard is it to break the ice with the person you are talking to. He is least interested in your offering and regrets why he picked up your call. This is a common scenario with any person who does the work of calling the prospects.

4 Phone Marketing Tips to Break the Ice and Achieve Sales Targets

Achieving success in phone calling is hard but not impossible. You just need to have the right approach and do some homework before making the calls. And, after this planning you will get hold of the targets that once seemed unachievable. Here are 4 phone marketing tips that will help you get just what you want.

1. Targeted Lead Lists
When you are working fort a firm, you get a list of people who bought your product, queried about it or asked information online. These will be the ones who might be interested in your products and services. The best and targeted your list of lead is the better will be your chances to succeed in phone marketing. Accept lists that are from trusted companies and not from the ones who indulge in all sorts of wrong practice to generate name list. Targeted list of leads will have the names of people who will be interested in the products and services you offer.

2. Drop the Anxiety of Refusal

If you want to achieve success when sales calling on phone, never let the fear of rejection take its toll over you. This is because amidst the apprehensions you won’t even be able to do what you are good at. You need to come to terms with the fact that though you are speaking perfectly, have put forth an advantageous offer or you are calling the biggies; straightforward denial or irritation will come from the prospects. After you are okay with this fact, dealing with these unfavorable responses will be easy.

3. Your Pitch on Phone

A best phone marketer is the one who knows how to alter his pitch and tone according to the customer. At the first place, introduce yourself and ask if you are talking to the right person. And, then ask his requirement. Tell him how your product and service his useful for him. Once you are done with introducing your product, tell the offer and then judge the customer’s interest level. Tell him that you welcome his queries and will be happy to solve them. At the end, hang up.

4. Dropping Messages

When after calling, your call isn’t picked up and you have to leave a message, don’t try to be too short. But this doesn’t mean you will leave a long boring message. Have in mind the concept of KISS (Keep it Simple and Short). Include essential details like your name, your company’s name, how you got the reference of the person you are calling and the purpose. It will increase possibility of a call back as the person’s interest is highlighted.

These are just few of the phone marketing tips about how you can increase your success rate when you are doing phone marketing. The main emphasis needs to be on your self-confidence. If you have made the preparations prior to calling someone, your confidence will increase. Put your best forward and don’t fear rejection.


  1. I think that practically applies to any product that one sells;) but its harder to sell an insurance policy than phones haha

  2. This is an amazing tip for those who work as a communication representative or let we say, call center agents! this is what they need to get clients to get interested on their products.

  3. I know it drives me nuts to hear about telemarketer :-( they are really irritating :-(but these tips are really helpful to those who has work like this. Good luck to them and hope they get their target customers :-)

  4. They are good tips but I do not like to sell stuffs by phone. Only maybe if a customer want me to call for some reasons. I smile in your I remember that if a salesman will talk to hubby that guys who sell something can't say no more because hubby talks a lot hehehe. Also I sell online only and it has been 2 years...

  5. i think this is somewhat a telemarketing as well.... oh boy! i hate it when someone calls me and bothers me when i'm in the middle of doing something only to find out they are just nagging me to buy their products. Ugh! no thanks... sometimes i hang up or just ignore answering calls from them lol. anyway for those business ownder, your tips would be beneficial though

  6. My brother's sister in-law is somewhat like this she is a costumer service for out sourcing company, will share this to her


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