Left Without A Word

Cheem made a major decision in life. She decided to live independently with her current boyfriend, away from family's help and support. I do not know what made her do it but I bet she thought of it as the best thing to do for them to live their lives together...and alone. I think maybe Cheem had gone tired and shy living in a house where she and her boyfriend cannot have the utmost privacy they need. Cheem and Budoy have been living here in my apartment for how many months now. They were occupying one of the rooms here; the room next to dad's. It was not a problem for me to have them live with me. I even like it better than letting my sister live with the guy's family for I am assured that my sister is well and safe.

They were living peacefully under me for the last few months but lately they were always fighting. I worried everytime I heard some banging inside their room. Afraid my sister gets hurt, of course, I had to check on what's going on. I scolded them several times and even told them to live somewhere if they keep fighting.  I don't know if those words were the main reason why my sister eloped with her boyfriend last Thursday night for we haven't talked yet. It is funny to think my sister had it all planned without me knowing. She did planned it very well for I didn't know how and when she packed up her things and left. If I didn't get in her room last Thursday night when I arrived in the apartment from attending mom's birthday party in Manukan, I wouldn't know she already had eloped with Budoy.


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