Cheem's With Budoy

There's a lot of things going on with the three Chies lately but only a few were shared here. The absence of my computers for more than a month now sure had kept me away from writing updates about us here, the three sisters, who are the skeletons of this blog. Some readers do not give a damn about us, I know, but to those who care, they sure want to know what's going on with the little sissies here in this corner in the blog land. I take joy in sharing updates about us and I would like to share today about Cheem.
Yes, Cheem's with Budoy. Oh no! Not the "Gerald Anderson" one but the "Daryl" one who's present in the picture above. Budoy (Daryl in real name) is Cheem's new boyfriend who is three years her junior. Baby boy, she calls him but he acts a lot more mature than she does. I don't know their whole love story or how they've started hooking up but whoever my sister loves, we respect. There is one thing that we are so fond about this new boyfriend of Cheem, the nickame Budoy! Since we learned about that nickname, we would burst into laughter whenever it is mentioned. If you've seen the Philippine TV series "Budoy", you would understand. We then started calling Cheem as "Buday".

I would like to share this to 366 Blog Photo Challenge, which is now on its 199th day hosted by Jhey Lo over at Tips and Experiences.


  1. first of all, allow me to say welcome back :D

    you are a sweet sister :) you have a cute sissy as well. and yes you are surely right, we have to respect whoever our siblings are hooking up because it's their life and we are there to guide and support them.

    anyway, thanks for joining 366 BPC

  2. aw.. ur sis look so happy with her new BF. =)

    from BPC
    hope u can drop by too

  3. Haha, Budoy ug Buday, match kaayo gwaps! I am not familiar with the story of Budoy kay wala ko nakatan-aw ana but I always hear from friends nga makahilak-hilak sila. It must be heavy drama then! :D

    Hey, it is so good to hear from you, gwaps! Dugaya nimo nawala sa BPC oi. BPC ra baya atong update kay mga busy ta sa life. I am glad nga naka-puter back na ka. Hope to see you around still! :)

  4. Nice nicks Budoy and Buday :-) You're sissy looks happy with her man :-)

    Visiting for 366 BPC!

  5. yay! Budoy the boyfriend...what a silly name Chem bf is Sis Chie :-) I wish them both luck in their relationship :-) Hope Budoy will make Buday happy :-) Dropping by from BPC.


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