Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sisters' Boule Night

The sisters drove down to the boulevard one boring night to fight the boredom in the apartment. Here are my darling sisters riding Cheem's bike. Pink sure is a color that stands out against a dark background.

How lovely the view as the sun starting to set...
turning the pale orangey sky back to its blue glint. 

The Sunset Boulevard in Dipolog City has been our favorite place to go to when there's nothing to do. We would do some rounds of walking and jogging. And then when tired we'll hang out at the children's park to watch the children play or just sit on one of benches facing the ocean for a perfect view of the sunset. Then when hungry or in need of some refreshments, we would get ourselves satisfied with barbecue and other street foods or get exotic with balut. For refreshments, there shakes, ice creams, juices and sodas to choose from.
Smiling Sally