Tae Bo Plan Plus Raspberry Ketone Diet

The sisters have been planning to join the free Tae Bo aerobic exercises every morning in the boulevard. They have been urging me to go with them and join. Well, I do need that exercise so I can sweat out all the fats in me but I was skeptical about the idea for they have nothing else to lose if it is losing weight they want. They are both in good shape. Besides, Tae Bo starts early at four in the morning and I haven't seen my sisters wake up that early. So, it is all a plan. On my part, four in the morning if not five is my usual time to go to bed now. I am like up all night until morning and sleep all day. It has been my sleeping schedule since I started getting serious back into blogging. I am kind of using a foreign time. With all that, there is no way they or we could materialize the plan to do Tae Bo. We might just rather do it at home. Tae Bo aerobic exercises plus raspberry ketone diet would be an awesome weight loss combo!

I keep wondering why my sisters are still complaining about their shape when are even far from being heavy. They might have missed the sight of me that almost doubled their weight. Lol! I should be the one complaining here as I’ve gone bigger than before. But instead of complaining why not just accept the fact or do something about it? Well, I start eating healthy now. I am strictly following my own healthy eating pattern and that is making sure to include vegetables in my daily main dishes but with lesser rice. I am just glad that my sisters are starting to eat vegetables now too. I’ve been having a hard time letting them eat vegetables.


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