Simple and Organized Blog Template

Ok, you are not lost. You are at the three chies' blog. It's just that this blog is newly dressed. I've gone weary of the previous template. It became so noisy and childish to my eyes so I decided to replace it with a relatively simpler and organized template. How do you like the look? I got this cool pinky template from Chica Blogger.

What I like best about this template aside from being clean and organized is the slider. I did few attempts of installing a template with a slider before but I failed in getting the slider to work. Gladly this template is easy to work with. Here are the three of the photos I featured on the slider.
I am sharing Cheep's pink stuffs and this pinky new template to 

A slider is supposedly used for featuring important blog posts but in this blog, I decided to just use it as personal photo slider. I am liking that idea so far for I have too many important posts to feature and featuring them all would take so much of my time. I still have to work with the header or the blog title but it can wait. So how do you like the new look of this blog?


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