Sisters Eating Durian?

Really? Were they?

Cheem brought a big round of Durian from her visit to mama few days ago. It's really big, I just forgot to take  a picture of the whole fruit. My sisters and I do not eat this fruit but since mama insisted to bring the fruit back, Cheem wasn't able to say no. Good thing papa eats Durian now it's about this size in the picture that's left in the fridge.

Anyway, that day when Cheem arrived to my apartment with a durian, papa sliced the fruit like he does to a watermelon and gave the slice to us. It was funny because the three of us were pushing each other to eat the slice. As if we were scared to even come near it. We only smelled it and licked to taste. You know poking a finger on the fruit's soft and yellowish flesh and lick? The funny part, I pulled a morsel of it and quickly put it on Cheem's mouth and then she spat it out and put it on Cheep's. Lol!

In the end, all three of us went "I pass!". Call us ignorant, still...we pass! Lol! Cheep just settled to have her picture taken with the fruit and Cheem happened to be in it too. Well me, I was taking the picture. 



  1. Never had Durian sis so I am curious what it taste like.

    Thanks for linking up to Color Connection, I apologize for the late visit, kinda busy at my end . Cookies 'n Creme is one of my entries. Have a great week ahead!

  2. I love your sister bonding Sis Chie :-) I do miss my sisters too
    :-( enjoy the moment with them Sis :-) I doubt if I eat the durian too :-) Dropping by from CC.

  3. late visit for CC last week, mine is up at,

    see you there!!!


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