Meeting Cheem's New Boyfriend

I finally met my younger sister’s African boyfriend who is born African but lived in England all his life. I can tell even without him telling through his accent. I thought my sister was just fooling us around when she told us that the guy is in Dipolog City and wanted to meet the family a couple of days ago. I even told her to marry him and have “Beyonce” babies. It turned out that she was telling the truth. She wasn’t really joking and she has been hiding the fact that she has been seeing him as the latter goes here and back to China for business.

So the guy really was in Dipolog City for a business trip and was staying at Mibang Hotel. Earnest to meet the sister’s boyfriend, we planned to go and meet. Since mother is far and could not be able to come and father was too shy to come out and see and talk to another foreigner aside from my husband Gary and our neighbor here, only the three of us went. Because he was staying in Mibang Hotel, I find it convenient for us because it’s just near from where we live plus its location is bit away from the busy main streets of the city. So driving a bike there was easy especially for Cheem as I still don’t trust her driving.

So there we went to Mibang. He was at the pool area when we arrived around 4 in the afternoon. He is kind of a nice guy as I sensed it in the way he talks. It was nice talking to him about anything under the sun. I could have asked him about how effective african mango seed extract can be. Lol. Anyway, after a few meet and greet, we then had our early dinner. Then later we went back to the apartment and change in swimming suits for a night swimming. My sisters had a great time swimming in the pool that night while I enjoyed watching them. I had my period so I couldn’t take the plunge even though I so wanted to. I am glad to be able to meet the guy that captured my sister's heart at the meantime. I don't know if they are serious. 


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