Keep Me Awake

Do you have those moments when you are fighting your sleep? Trying to stay awake to do and finish all the tasks of the day and meet the deadlines, I do have a lot of those moments for about three weeks now or I think it is already a month. Like right at this moment, I am fighting my sleep hoping to finish what I need to do. I may look so relaxed to others, particularly my family and friends but they do not know how stressed I had been. I am stressed every single night working. I am like a vampire who stays awake all night and sleeps all day.  I am not complaining, I just hope though that I can be able to keep up with it.

Right at this time, I still have a lot to do and I do hope I could  stay awake for at least another two hours to finish the things that need to be done to hopefully beat the deadline. I could care less of the the eye bags and dark circles for the fact is I need to do my job. Stressed and sleepy sigh! If you are with me in this situation you understand how crazy it is to even avoid a cat-nap. I have here a cup of  Kopiko black coffee which where I am getting my energy from. I will be getting another cup here soon to boost.  If only I can buy modafinil right now to try if it can  really keep me awake, I would but I think it is not even available here.


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