Insomnia Affects Day Workers

Do you have insomnia? You have insomnia when you are all awake at night but asleep all day.  You feel sleepy, you feel tired but your mind is so alive and awake. That is insomnia.  Few causes of insomnia are anxiety, stress, depression and menopause. This case is very bothersome when you are working, especially when working regularly. There's a tendency that you'll fall asleep in the middle of your work, which makes you an inefficient worker and an unproductive person. Who would hire a person who can't do a job well, who can't contribute to a company's success and can't meet an employer's expectation? No one! So be ready to be fired in no time if you cannot handle insomnia.

Well, just the fight to get a sleep at night is already very troublesome. As a matter of fact, I am an insomniac myself so I can tell how hard of a trouble it is trying to get the sleep that seems to be so elusive. It is blogging or my online work that has affected my sleep big time. I blog more or I face my computer more than I sleep. My regular sleeping time nowadays is four to five hours only. The rest are spent blogging or working online and doing a little household work like cooking, washing laundry and the likes. Sometimes, I even force to stay up until noon in a day even in just a wee bit of minutes just to complete the daily tasks. But sometimes I couldn't fight the sleep that I fall on my computer desk. As for my time pattern and the nature of my work, I see no problem for I work at night and when ever I want but to office workers or other day workers, it will be truly hard for them.

So it really sucks to have insomnia when you are a day worker trying to earn a living. To persevere in a job that earns you only a meager salary, that last thing you want to happen is to be fired. You don't need to worry thought for I heard there is something that can help you with you insomnia and that is a pill called sonata, which effects contrast to sleeping pills. I bet you can buy sonata online. Find out everything about it first and consult a physician if its good for you to take such pill before deciding to buy.


  1. yah right sis! insomnia affects day work talaga. In my case, wala akong insomnia because my body wants to sleep all night but I couldn't, I have a 3 mos. old baby to take care of.
    Again, added this blog already sis LOL!


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