A Great Day Turns Into A Bad Day

The three Chies' day started out great today. Cheep visited early in my apartment and started joking around with her elder sister Cheem. Their noise woke me up but it was okay. It's better to hear them joking around, pestering at each other in a good way and laughing than quarreling over nonsense things. It was nearly lunchtime that I decided to get up to prepare lunch but badly, the electricity went out and said to be back at five in the afternoon. So I asked them to buy lunch at the nearby eatery. We then had a sumptuous lunch with father. 

After lunch, I joined their pestering, well in a good way. What else could we do when there's no electricity and we were bored. That's the least we can do to fight the boredom. When tired, we decided to do a last minute bargain shopping at the flea market. I wanted to buy two things there; a pair of running shoes and a litter of organic coconut oil for my lifeless hair. I have been bothered by my damaged hair lately. It gets dry and  lost its life, smoothness and silkiness. So we went to the flea market. It was around three in the afternoon when we arrived there. It was good for the market wasn't as crowded as yesterday and the sun wasn't that hot. We had a great time excavating every stall of shoes and clothes that we passed by and checked out those we liked. Sadly, I wasn't able to find a running shoes that fits me. 

When done at the flea market, we decided to have a snack at Jolibee but in the end we decided to enter Greenwich per Cheep's request as she was craving for lasagna. We ordered enough foods for take out as we like it better to eat at home because we can eat however we pleased and how much we can take. There were so much joy when we arrived at my apartment and prepared the coffee table to eat our snacks. It was another great day for the three Chies but later on, the great day turned out to be a bad day because Cheep's phone was gone. She put her cellphone in the back pocket of her shorts and she still had it when we left Greenwich. We suspected she left it in the tricycle. We tried ringing it and it rang for about 30 minutes and no answer. We are hopeless to find it out as the phone is switched off after.  Poor Cheep she lost another pink phone again to think I just blogged about it yesterday. 


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