Coffee, As a Blogging Mate

Coffee is for me the best blogging mate because you get to taste its delight and feel its stimulating power. Being a blogger, well an irresponsible and a procrastinating one, I have to stay up late to do my daily duties and those that I’ve left undone earlier of the day or the other day. I could be a lot worse of a procrastinator than that but anyway coffee is the best blog mate plus stimulant in my entire blogging time whether it is day or night. Sipping on a cup filled with hot black, brown or even white coffee – yes, I am that flexible of a coffee drinker now - while thinking of something to write about is such a joy. Not to mention its power of being a stimulant that helps awaking my sleeping ideas.

I have tried quiet a lot of different kinds of coffee already. Instant coffee and roasts, lattes, cappuccinos, fraps and iced are some that I’ve tried. Those instant ones though are usually the ones I always have as they are easy to find and quick to prepare. Besides, my coffee maker is no longer working because its carafe was broken and I haven’t found a store here yet where I could buy a replacement for that part of a coffee maker. I have a one made under a brand name Nikon bought about three years ago. If that coffee maker still works, I would go for healthy coffee, preferably the organic coffee grounds and have it brewed in a coffee maker for it tastes better that way. Plus you can experiment by adding mocha and milk to your cup or any other sweet things that you think would go well or add to the coffee’s delectable taste and tempting aroma. Saying that, now I have to start looking for a carafe replacement!


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